Positive Cov19 stories

During the lockdown and our free online webinars, I have heard inspirational stories from Costa Women members.  Here’s the first three.  If you have any you would like to share please comment below and I can be in touch.


Using what Skills you have

Firstly, Marjan Looije – Marjan one of our dutch members and lived in Australia before coming to Spain 20 years ago. 

In 2008 when we had the crash here and Marjan was made redundant she started advertising her hobby – massage and foot reflexology. This Cov19 crisis has pushed Marjan again out of her comfort zone. She started a YouTube Channel to help others in Lockdown to help themselves.  She also publicised her channel through Facebook and a newsletter to her existing Clients.


Marjan received a message from a school of natural therapies, who told her that they are sending the link to their students for practising. She offered tutoring on Skype and the school was enthusiastic. The school have now asked her to update their online content (she is a certified teacher).  As Marjan has delivered many courses and speaks 4 languages, she is using her talents to put this together – you never know when you need the skills you have learned.


Sing like nobody is listening!

Claire Lowe came on our Costa Blanca coffee morning this week.  She created Sing like Nobody is Listening  

‘Sing like Nobody is Listening’ as a response to the lockdown.  She already runs a local choir in the Denia area and realised many people were isolated because of the virus.  She hosts a nightly ‘virtual sing along’ WHEREVER you are. She wants to get the world singing together, to raise our voices and send our spirits soaring. Get those living rooms and balconies ringing with the glorious sounds of singing! SOS-SAVE OUR SPIRITS!  At 2 pm every day on the Facebook page she announces the song for singing that evening and then at 6 pm we all sing together! 



Melissa Vaughn started to read stories online every evening using her Facebook profile to ‘go live’


Many people have commented that they find her voice and delivery of the books relaxing.  She has been approached by a residential home in the UK and asked if she can read to their residents during the crisis.


Positive Vibes

And for now, the final story.  Ashlyn Watts – our local host for the Axarquia group and owner of Ocio Magazine, has put together a collaborative list of Costa Women songs to give us an uplifting vibe as we go through the crisis.





Amazing stories Ladies!  Whilst I haven’t mentioned our awesome hosts, this community wouldn’t be possible without them, creating their events online with the virus necessitating them to learn new skills! They are organising online events in their areas which you are welcome to join too!  Make sure you check regularly under the events tab on the website or the events tab on Facebook as we are organising these with only a few days notice.


What’s your story?  Would love to hear it!  Please comment below or send me a message.

2 thoughts on “Positive Cov19 stories”

  1. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for posting about positive vibes.

    As a wedding celebrant officiating across southern Spain for destination wedding couples arriving from all over the world, my initial response to lockdown was to launch a Facebook group "Celebrant Buddy".
    The aim was to connect wedding officiants from all over the world so where a couple could no longer travel to their perfect ceremony in the Spanish sunshine, I could connect them with a local celebrant to officiate a ceremony for them in their home country.
    I am a big believer in #communityovercompetition.
    Where people were still permitted to gather within number restrictions, so the ceremonies continued.

    A couple of weeks on.....
    But as travel within our own countries became ever more restricted, Celebrant Buddy evolved into a kind of sleeper cell!
    We are now several hundred celebrants and officiants across all continents just itching for the day when we can go out there and deliver beautiful heartfelt weddings, vow renewals and elopements to our couples. Watch this space!

    Here in Spain, so far I have had zero cancellations, only rescheduled ceremonies, which is wonderful!
    But with 40 weddings to deliver this year and now having to reschedule at least a quarter, I am training up another Costa Women member to deputise for me where I cannot be in two places at once.
    Having taken many months to get to know my couples, I will still write their ceremony but my lovely colleague, Deborah Johnson will assist me in officiating them.... I have a second deputy celebrant in training too as I anticipate that this situation will roll over to 2021.
    So this situation is creating jobs!

    Meanwhile I am posting daily #rescheduledwedding advice on my social media pages @celebrantspain as well as Facebook "lives" from my personal profile @debbieskyrme every evening at 8pm from my roof terrace, joining the fabulous community of La Herradura in clapping in gratitude for those caring for us on the frontlines. It does my heart good to connect and helps me release energy with a good shout and holler across to my neighbours too!

    I actually don't want to get back to normal - I am looking forward to a new, fresher, better normal!
    Warm wishes, Debbie

  2. Thanks for commenting Debbie - the post got cut off, can you email or message it to me? ali (at) costawomen.com Thank you x

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