Retune into yourself

“When you hear a Tibetan singing bowl or a gong, you don’t just hear sound: you feel vibrations on a deep cellular level.

Every bowl and gong is designed to resonate at a frequency corresponding with the body’s energy. And by sounding them on, or close to the body, we can bring the mind and body back into sync. That’s why singing bowls and gongs have been used for centuries to heal people with ailments ranging from anxiety, stress, depression and long-term illnesses. They also improvs all the greatness we have inside like creativity, happiness, love and gratitude, to only name a few.

I’m a Peter Hess qualified sound massage practitioner and as an ex- singer, am passionate about the value of sound – for mind, body and soul. A trained massage therapist and mindfulness enthusiast, I also enjoy holding space for clients, so they feel nurtured and relaxed.

DISCOUNT OFFERED by me as SoundAtaraxia to all registered Costa Women who fancy coming to a lovely cleansing/healing/energy boosting sound bath on May 4th in Fuengirola Sound Journey with SoundAtaraxia @Studio Bliss. We all need TLC sometimes and taking some lovely time out for ourselves. So let me know if you want to join :-p Special Costa Women price for that day: 15€ pp for sound bath instead of 18€ and 35€ for sound massage instead of 50€ www.andataraxia.eu