Setting SPECIFIC Money Goals: Magic Torpedo Fuel For Our Dreams

So the nerdy academic in me has a quote for you today: 

“If you don´t know which port you´re steering for, no wind is favorable.” 

Hmmm…think about that for a second…..DUH! Right?

Even some smart old Roman dude (in this case, Seneca) figured out ages ago that if you don´t make

a clear and concise decision as to where you want to be down the road (i.e. set a GOAL)…

you simply don´t get there as quickly…

Or perhaps more often, you don´t get there at all.

Especially if you´re gonna be all wishy-washy and vague.  

The research is there:  People who set goals are more successful.

However, it´s important to recognize that your Sunday afternoon siesta´s nebulous thoughts and visions of the beautiful life you´re fantasizing about cannot exactly be called “goal setting.”

When asked about goals, most think in generality:  “I want to earn more, grow my business, have enough money each month to save and have vacations, not have to work 60 hour weeks..” etc.

And don´t get me wrong…that sounds FABULOUS! I do it ALL the time.  But…

To truly rocket your goal down the path of realization, you MUST get SPECIFIC:  an actual income number that you fix on, write down, and check in with every so often.

So, here´s the thing…                                            

 If setting SPECIFIC goals creates such magic mojo torpedo fuel for our dreams, why DON´T most professionals and entrepreneurs do it??

To find out why goal-setting makes you run like your bum is on fire, watch the video below where I:

  • Help you set a concrete income goal
  • Lead you through an experience so you can see what goal-setting does SPECIFICALLY in YOUR nervous system
  • Show you a quick and effective technique to shift from Impossible to Possible!


I also know this is really important to you.  It´s not just about an income goal.

It´s about something much bigger.

You see, on your way to your income goals, you´ll grow and expand in ways that you wouldn´t have without taking the time to do this. 

You´ll find gifts and resources deep in you that you didn´t even know you had. 

On your way to your goals (dreams with a plan behind them) you´ll expose your genius, you´ll shine.  You´ll offer up what the world needs from you.  So not only you will benefit…

We all will!

Two European Cheek Kisses to You!

Melissa Joy

Tapping Into Wealth Coach