Summer offer


Well here we are in Summer! And what a summer it is. Lots of lovely sunshine as always here in Spain, fantastic.

The summer puts everyone is a good mood, so I have decided to run a very special early booking Offers until the end of September 2014:

Focus on yourself and book your ‘Art and Relaxation in Spain’ holiday for 2015 and get a massive discount.

Like my facebook page, (Art and Relaxation in Spain) and send me a private message to receive full details, personally.

Throughout our childhood, beliefs from others are ingrained in us.
I often hear how people believe they can’t do anything creative!
It almost always stems from school days where they form the impression they are not artistic. Although this may have nothing to do with their lack of ability, but could be due to poor teaching or use of unsuitable materials.

Are you living your life reacting from those beliefs?

Are you missing out on a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating hobby, because of these beliefs?

Did you know creative activities, like painting or creating mosaics, can reduce your stress levels and improve your wellness considerably?

Let me show you how to enjoy being creative in this stunning and tranquil part of Spain next summer.

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Until next time
Linda the artist in Spain