Free Online Mindful Transformation Workshops

Monthly Online Collaborative Workshops! To sign up for the November workshop go here:  https://mschalin.com/workshop-11-21-2020/ Contact me if you are interested in participating as a speaker sometime in future events. I promote the workshops on many platforms. All speakers that participate receive a lot of exposure. 😉

The Power of Love

  Since 2012 the energy of The Power of Love has intensified its presence on Earth… no matter your beliefs in religion or spirituality… each person continues to experience the natural Awakening of LOVE within themself. Love being the source of all life, within all things manifested and unmanifested, the physical and the non physical …

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On Mindfulness

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” sings Bono and we hum it agreeing with him. We haven’t found it either. Maybe we have been searching in wrong places. “That what you are looking for is where you are looking from”* explained a wise man already 800 years ago. He advised us to change …

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