The Mobiliser – Easy, affordable treatment at your convenience.

What if, instead of having to carve out an hour at a time to see your physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor or massage therapist, you could spend just 20 minutes at a time for the same effect?

What if you could do this either at a clinic OR in the privacy of your own home or sports club?

The Mobiliser – passive spinal activation and massage system.

Simple to set up

Simple to use

Simply effective

With 16 different options you take control and tailor your treatment to what you want to achieve. While the Mobiliser is designed to work with just your body weight it also has 2 optional 5kg weights which you can place on your body for a more intense therapeutic effect.

It can be used in conjunction with your therapy (before or after) to enhance results, or as a standalone treatment.

The Mobiliser can be used daily, only with treatment or any frequency in between.

Passive Spinal Motion Tool

THE ROLLERS – Two rollers with 56 individual thumbs move from head to toe.


As The Mobiliser realigns your spine and relaxes your muscles it increases balance and mobility.

With many testimonials from horse riders, rowers, golfers and footballers we know it increases performance, prevents injury and reduces recovery time for a whole range of athletes.

Rent or Buy

The Mobiliser is available for use here at the Bodyworks Clinic, you can buy one for your home, club or clinic or rent one per month. The choice is yours.

A clinical massage solution suitable for therapists or home users.