The Mystery of Menopause

Women Wellness Guide – August 2018

The Mystery of Menopause

Many women have difficulty with life in general when they reach menopause age, but some women start to feel symptoms at peri-menopause ages, that could be around 10 years before menopause. Ideally, we should look out for symptoms that we feel could be new or affecting our lives in some way.

The prevailing medical view of menopause is that when a woman runs out of eggs, she stops menstruating and goes into menopause. Strangely enough, however, this is largely theory. The prevailing theory toes that when is born with all her follicles (from which eggs can be matured) already formed. Of the millions of follicles present before birth, about 300.000 are present at puberty. With every menstrual cycle, even those cycles when ovulation is suppressed by birth control hormones, hundreds of eggs vanish.

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Women Wellness Guest

This month I am featuring Costa Women member, Victoria Senior who offers makeup and natural beauty care products for women of all ages, but especially for women at menopause age whose skin becomes dry and sometimes patchy with hormonal changes. She can also help you look YOUR BEST!

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