The Truth about Corona Virus…


As promised in one of my last posts Are YOU Ready for YOUR Rebirth, IAM sharing my musings and findings regarding the truth about Corona Virus that is not circulating in our Main Stream Media.


IAM not writing this to begin a discussion… you’re/they’re wrong and I’m right, or even to be told you’re crazy and out of your mind! I know IAM crazy and thank goodness IAM out of my mind!


I was born an honourable rebel and during my travels; on and off line, IAM grateful to have met like minded honourable rebels to hang around with. Sharing together with the world… the bigger picture, as to what is happening now on Earth, and in particular, how Corona Virus is being used to bring about total control and annihilation of Humanity.


It’s a long post, so keep this safe somewhere you can come back to a few times!


It was back in the late 80’s that I first began to sense how the media, tv and world wide government systems; WHO, CDC, United Nations, NSA & CIA, Public Health… etc… were feeding the public only what they wanted to share and be heard.


Over the last 30 years they have all worked hard to perfect their script and using AI to collect and share data, have most of the population hanging onto their every word.


Our worldwide Public Health umbrella; of the science and art to prevent disease, has over the years replaced the gospel of religion/spirituality and is used to maintain obedience from the population.


It’s Time to Wake Up…


This is the time for all Humanity to choose to wake up from playing the 3D power game here on Earth, to cease playing the roles of victim and aggressor. We’ve experienced it all and from the array of contrasts, many of us have allowed ourselves to know and embrace the importance of compassion, reverence and freedom.


Many hearts are remembering the truth of their own Sovereignty and All Powerful Magnificence.


AND many continue to be deeply hypnotised and blindly follow the heightened propaganda that Team Dark (ThankYou AmyRose for the name) is spewing out in the name of Corona Virus, their last chance to divide, control and eliminate Humanity!


However sad I feel to see this, it is not my duty nor responsibility to awaken others. It is for everyone to be responsible for themselves and take their consequences for remaining powerless.


I can only make sure I stay in the middle of this great storm and polarisation that is being orchestrated, sharing the information I find from professional doctors and scientists, this time about the Corona Virus and allowing others to discern the truth for themselves.



How to Sense and Discern the Truth…


Allow yourself to read a variety of information. Search deeper on the internet for different perspectives on a subject away from MSM. AND remember everyone has a right to their opinion, to say what they believe and live their life, just like you.


Allow your mind to be open to sense all information, listen carefully without judgment and allow your heart to be open to receive resonance; to feel your response to the information.


If information makes you feel good and glow with excitement, this means you like or can agree with this truth. The opposite also happens, when information you sense makes you screw your nose up or shake your head, you know you don’t like or can agree with this information.


It’s important you begin to trust your own feelings.


As everyone is unique and at different stages of our Human journey it is normal we all feel different about information. It doesn’t mean one is right or wrong, it means each person needs different information for their particular experience on the journey.


In this way, instead of judging one another, complaining and getting angry that someone isn’t conforming to the norm. It is an opportunity to give another space and honour their story. What is good for one may not be good for another, we all have different reasons for experiencing things. Everything is allowed… especially when not detriment to another.


I Discovered another Story regarding the Virus…


I began my search for more information about the Corona Virus at the very beginning of our lock down in Spain. I excitingly dug deep into the World Wide Web, I knew it was important for me to understand more, other than reported on the MSM! The FEAR that everyone could feel was huge, something big was being played out here.


Thank goodness I knew that fear is just energy, which cannot harm you, and living now in the end times, Team Dark were using fear to make sure they gain total control of the world! (It sounds like a bad movie we’re in!)


However for many, fear is seemingly real, creating much panic and obedience. Not surprisingly, hearing about so many horrendous deaths, confusing story lines and new and enforced laws being brought in… to keep us safe… or curb our freedom!


I was delighted to read and listen to so much about the Corona Virus and it quickly confirmed my feelings of how the Corona Virus story, we were being fed, was full of discrepancies. We continue to be lied to today, the first lie is about the virus itself!


Before I go further, I’d like to mention that fear and confusion is an old tactic we all use in the 3D world to weaken and keep our opponent down and dumb.



The Origin of Fear & Confusion…


Long ago when many of us had forgotten our true origin and nature… of being powerful multidimensional beings of light, we became afraid of our own mortality and did everything we could to stay alive!


As leaders we used the fear of punishment and death to keep the people in line, obeying the rule of the day and working for little reward. Hard work and good behaviour was rewarded, whereas lazy and bad behaviour was punished.


Life was purposely kept mysterious and unclear, diverse messages passed around to keep an atmosphere of confusion, as it was essential to keep the people in a cloud of ignorance and uncertainty so they wouldn’t understand too much of the goings on.


What Fear does to your Body/Mind…


Our Body/Mind biology can either be in a growth or a protection mode. Our adrenal glands are switched on and off according to our state of being.


Are you happy and joyful?


This behaviour signals to your adrenals to stay in growth mode. Your energy automatically takes care of your whole Body/Mind growth and wellbeing of all your systems.


Are you worrying, stressed, concerned and afraid for your life?


This behaviour signals to your adrenals to switch into protective mode or fight/flight mode, which means your energy is redirected to the outer perimeter of your arms and legs, to help you run for your life! Staying in this mode for too long will weaken you and ultimately begin the process of shutting down your organs.


Team Dark are using the Governments, Scientists & Public Health worldwide via mainstream media to keep the public in a continued state of FEAR and CONFUSION, which they know weakens the immune system.



The Truth about a Virus…


A Virus is NOT alive, therefore it cannot be killed… and its job is to INFECT the Environment & population with the latest genetic update to guarantee our survival!


We are told to be afraid of a virus and kill it! Yet, virus’s just like all fungi and bacteria have jobs to do to create balance and harmony in our Environment. Virus’s are a communication network of genetic information, which are actually not alive… so you can’t kill them, there job is to infect the Environment with the latest genetic updates to guarantee our survival!

Please understand it is a Virus’s job to attack your cell in order to infect it with a new genetic update to help keep you well and alive.


It is NOT the Virus that is the cause of Deaths…


We are told the Virus is killing our elderly and people suffering with chronic illness, but actually the virus is not responsible.


Yes, vulnerable people have a difficult time dealing with this COVID19 virus that is naturally updating the respiratory system, because their immune system has been compromised.


Depending on the efficiency of their immune system and, upon meeting the virus and fighting the good fight, it can go into overdrive. If these same people are taking ace inhibitor medicine (which blocks the virus from infecting the cells) their immune system is overwhelmed, over reacts and goes about shutting down the organs and death occurs.


It is the inefficiency of a persons immune system that causes them to be more susceptible to bacteria and toxic poisons from the earth/air pollution which can clomp together with the virus as it naturally travels through the air and earth, and causes damage to the body and even death to the person.


In the beginning there was so much panic within the hospitals, the doctors were not treating the patients with the right medicine. There were many unnecessary deaths because they were put on respiratory machines (life support machines) which quite literally killed them!


IAM grateful to all the medical staff who began seeing what was really happening, dared speak out and changed how they were treating patients!


One of the new protocols found to work for the oxygen starvation, was turning a patient over to get more oxygen into their body. As for the bacteria infections that was seen to cause blood clots, and cyanide poisoning destroying the organs (from living in highly polluted towns such as Wuhan, Milan, New York, London), the appropriate medicine was given.


Yes, hydroxychloroquine taken with zinc and azithromycin is used to treat the beginning of a COVID infection, as it helps to reduce the immune system over-react.



A Virus has only ONE Wave


The virus will continue to travel around the world infecting enough people until herd immunity is achieved +/-80%. It will then die out naturally! Because of our lockdown we have delayed the virus infection, so cases we hear of now are the remnants of a 1st wave. Up until now no virus has developed a 2nd wave.


Confusing Facts & Data…

Since the beginning of the pandemic, calculating the infection/death on the cruise ships, it was obvious (to many professional doctors/scientists) that the rate of infection and death was mild. Between 98% – 99% of people were showing zero to mild symptoms of a virus infection, with only 1% or 2% of people being badly affected and in some cases died.


More people die in accidents, from seasonal flu and from chronic disease everyday and each year. Many doctors and scientist agree that this COVID infection is not as deadly as it’s been made out to be.


There have been doctors who again have dared speak out about the false reporting of deaths. In fact all deaths at one point were being asked of doctors to report as COVID related that lead to give a false sense of DANGER!


As time goes on, with more people being tested with better tests, we are hearing how there are more positive cases! We must remember this is quite normal and means the virus is doing its job infecting enough people… who will mostly have mild symptoms. There is no need to panic. If you are worried, look at your local hospital intakes of COVID and the death rate. You’ll find it to be relatively low.


Saying this, it remains essential we take care of our elderly and people suffering from chronic disease until this virus disappears.


Check these links out of a few professionals, organisations who really caught my heart and are all working towards wellness and harmony for all.




Dr Zach Bush, Dr David Katz, Dr Robert Young and Senator Scott Jensen are just some of the Professionals who have caught my heart and am so grateful for them stepping forward to restore faith and help to create a world of wellness and harmony together. They all have their own websites/social media platforms and continue to make more videos about Corona Virus and article about how we can all prevent premature death of Humanity and our Earth!


A wonderful community of people, headed by Sasha Stone and other professional people I found, is New Earth Project. Together they founded New Earth University and International Tribunal for Natural Justice.


Thomas J. Brown from the New Earth University, a longtime NEU Fellow and Faculty associated with the School of Science & Design Innovation, compiled and wrote a COVID-19 WHITEPAPER. It is a seminal paper that is informed from primary sources, with a distillation of data contrary to the official 2020 narrative. It has been filed in court by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.


I have copied the 47 page paper below for you to download and enjoy reading at your leisure… It full of more insightful information and links.

IAM linking a list of over 40 peer reviewed research articles for you to read that are related to the uselessness of wearing face masks and the science of face masks. Thankyou dear Sue Dreamwalker for kindly sending them on to me.


Enforced Laws around the world…


We are finding ourselves living in a world of enforced laws, whether it’s about being forced to stay alone at home, distance ourself from others and mask ourselves up to protect ourself or another! All for our own safety!


Please feel into the truth when I say, it’s not up to others to make you feel or be safe. It is a matter of your own perspective! AND now feel further into the big picture of how your freedom is gently and slowly being taken away from you! How does it make you feel?


As each day passes, more people are coming forward to share their truth, which discredits the MSM and all the Government actions around the world… the lockdown, social distancing, wearing masks and what we can expect next… enforced vaccinations maybe?… and so much more!


I’d really love to continue writing about all that I’ve discovered… but I have to leave the rest for you to follow the trail of truth that is indeed out there if you will. To discern and decide for yourself how you’re going to choose to step forward amidst this great storm and change of Humanity.



My Tips for a Happy Ending…


I’d like to end this post by saying how important I feel it is to respect this Virus, the vulnerable ones and people’s unique stories.


  • Take care to follow through on basic personal hygiene, for yourself and in the company with others.
  • Give everyone their space to breathe. Ask before you hug.
  • Honour another’s decision as to how they choose to live. Whether you agree or not about something or somebody, it is too your own detriment when you judge or doubt yourself or another.
  • Instead of looking and judging others, maybe you can spend time making sure your own Body/Mind is optimally well, happy and joyful and make any necessary changes.
  • Consume organic foods, drinks and fresh water, buy Environmental friendly products AND be fearless (because you know the whole truth!), to ensure your body/mind stays well and reflects out into your Environment.
  • Claim your Sovereign birthright of freedom of having authority over yourself and your life. No-one can force you to lose your freedom, you have sovereign freewill to choose.
  • Welcome to Birthing NewEarth from within


AND one last gift of Consciousness, an article I received from Mercola last night about Technocracy. It seems quite appropriate as we come to this final call to choose and maybe a last question to ask ourselves.


Who is controlling everything if not AI? AND do Team Dark know what they have created? As they must know there time is at end!


Maybe you recall, a few of my friends complied a free E Book last year where we wrote about Consciousness vs Artificial Intelligence, of how Humanity is on the verge of being taken over by machines!


Enjoy… Stay safe and sane in this crazy world AND make your choice whether or not to claim your sovereignty and powerful magnificent consciousness 


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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