The Truth about Modern Day Illness…

The Truth about Modern Day Illness…

Our classic doctors do a lot of good and most of them have a good heart, but I know that most of them have no idea to the underlying cause of our chronic mental and physical dis-ease or even seem to want to understand the truth about Modern Day Illness. In particular the connection between our Environment, food, water and health. They have been taught a very scientific way of treating symptoms and repairing the Human machine and remain closely connected to the pharmaceutical industry…. who don’t seem to come up with many cures.

Somethings not quite right here, do you agree?  Well I know that this is not the way to go long term. Especially when our Health Care systems are costing more and more money to take care of the increasing amount of ill people… and I don’t accept the story ‘because of the ageing population’… although we are living longer, many young people are becoming chronically ill too. So what is happening to our Health?

I wrote the above two paragraphs back in June 2015 on my old website. It was one of the posts that didn’t want to migrate with me to this new website, and today is its turn to be copied here on this website. However, I believe 5 years later, with Humanity becoming more and more ill… and I watched the video below… it’s due for an update!

Conspiracy Theories…

I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories because they are founded upon platforms of fear and drama and don’t lead you to the truth, it only creates more fear and drama, distracting people away from the truth that everyone holds within themselves.

However, it can be useful reading about a conspiracy theory if it helps one to understand that there is more to life than what you perceive or are led to believe. It is always in one’s best interest to feel into the truth and not take everything on… being gullible!

Taking Responsibility…

IAM writing this post to help inspire people to take an interest in what’s happening in the world, to feel into the truth about our Modern Day Illness that too many people are becoming and by taking responsibility for our own health, we can each be the change and solution for turning illness into wellness.

Isn’t it obvious that the scientists, doctors and politicians around the world have no idea how to create wellness, and I even wonder if they want to… maybe it suits them better for we the people to be ill and poor, so they can play their powerful role… and maybe this suits the majority of people too, to not feel responsible, to sit back lazily and follow blindly the rules.

It maybe good to remember that in our dual world, someone can only have the power by taking it away from another! Someone can only be rich & important at the expense of another who is poor & unimportant.


I know our current virus Covid19 will not be the last virus to cause a pandemic and bring Humankind to its knees, as it has a quest, to find a solution to the disharmony we have caused in our Environment and ultimately in ourselves.

Haven’t we stood by for too many years allowing our leaders to approve and promote pesticides and hormones (vaccines included) in our society? All for the betterment of Humanity?

Haven’t we sat back long enough observing how our agriculture and farming has become sterile, as its natural harmonic flora, bacteria, fungi and virus has been compromised and in turn directly affected the wholeness and wellness of our food, water and our body/mind.

Do we not wonder why organic and natural plant products are discouraged and expensive? Do we not wonder why our microbiome (our gut balance) is out of balance and causing our premature death?

Surely it’s time for each person to stop being fearful and believing we are not powerful, unworthy and poor and understand the message of this Covid19 virus?

Please be interested and ask yourself…

How come most air polluted cities have so many deaths…. and not necessarily from pneumonia but from cyanide poisoning (in air pollution).

How come our doctors are not putting a name to the symptoms of cyanide poisoning of many patients coming in unwell and putting into practice the known solution and cure.

How come our Environment suddenly and most naturally became clear and vibrant when we shut down the majority of our industries and locked ourselves up? When WE stopped producing excess chemicals and carbon dioxide into the Environment.

AM I really the solution? Can I continue to sit back and do nothing? Do I have the courage to stand up and be counted, to take back my power and be the solution to living a most harmonious and wholesome life.

What can one do…

Open your eyes and feel into how your powerlessness is making you a victim of the game.

Take back your responsibility to be well, to be whole… to see it as your natural born right and bring harmony back into your Environment, into your soil that will directly influence all life, in particular your Body/Mind.

To put into your thoughts and mouths things that will encourage harmony.

To encourage local natural and organic farming, to buy fresh natural products and stay away from all unnatural and contaminated products. What we don’t buy, they have to stop production.

To reduce your travelling outside your home locality.

To buy only recycled products and stop buying plastic and unnecessary products.

Dr Zack Bush…

One of my dear friends sent me a video of an interview with a very wise doctor/scientist Dr Zack Bush who is working with many different people to change the way we live. I loved it, it inspired me to write this post and I would love you to watch it and share it too.

He explains everything in a really understandable way as to what is happening and how we each can be the change and enjoy our life, instead of preparing for our death and extinction of Mother Earth.

I would really love to hear how you resonated with this information on the video.  Thankyou and take care of yourselves, until soon again.

©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
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