Things I have learnt from the World Cup!

Its been a busy, ball rolling, goal scoring, moment making football supporters month!  Here’s what I have learnt from watching the World Cup:-

  We can all train for what we want to achieve and practice with our tools so we can move forward (remember the early days of social media and how scared you were and now, hopefully, you take courage are every like, comment and share)

  We all need ‘supporters’ who cheer us on when we aren’t winning, sing songs which vibrate with what we are trying to do and celebrate when we score that goal – who are yours?

  We can all learn not to be affected by what has happened in the past.  We may have lost of a few games/challenges, but we come back again and write our own stories.  There is no point in looking in the rear view mirror; proceed to the route! 

  We need to take breaks and think about the first half and how we can win against any challenges in the second half – do you take time out for thinking and strategy?

  Life is much easier with a business buddy who can get together with us, hear what we are going through and give us a team talk! Who do you talk to about your business who can give you a team talk? 

  Sometimes we also need to change ends and look at what we are trying to do from a different angle.

 And when we don’t win, it doesn’t mean we have lost the whole thing … we can come back and try again.  Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. – Marilyn vos Savant 

What have been your take-aways?