Things To Do While Stuck At Home

So since the government has recommended we stay at home I thought it might be useful to give you ideas of how to beat the boredom. 

  1. If you are working from home then try to get your work out of the way first, unfortunately procrastination is much easier when at home.
  2. Finish that DIY project you started but couldn’t be bothered to finish.
  3. Google craft projects that you could do with things around your home.
  4. Get out those dusty board games and get playing.
  5. Draw/paint.
  6. Get reading those books you never got around to reading.
  7. Use the time to catch up with friends and family via skype or phone.
  8. Get out that instrument you bought wanting to learn but never did.
  9. Find online courses to learn about that subject you are interested in – some courses are free!
  10. Spend quality time with those who are stuck home with you.
  11. Binge watch your favourite TV show or movies!
  12. Exercise at home – this could be as simple as just running up and down stairs or walking up and down your room!
  13. Write a gratitude list for everything you are grateful for that you took for granted when allowed to go where you want.
  14. Write a list of plans of things you can do once you can get out again.
  15. Laughter yoga – just laugh for no reason.
  16. Finally get your home organised and tidy! Cleaning can also be a good work out too!
  17. Teach your pet new tricks.
  18. Play computer games or games on your phone.
  19. Use this time to learn new skills that are useful to your business or personal health.
  20. Lastly just rest, we don’t usually have time to just sit and think so just allow yourself to meditate, pray or sit quiet!

I hope this helps you find ways to spend your time and less likely to lose your mind! smile-big.png

Stay safe!!


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  1. I would add to watch YouTube video's. OK, I admit being biased as I put up weekly YouTube content to help people get unstuck and change their lives. However, there's great content for anything you're looking for and it's free.

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