Time To Ditch The Excess Baggage!!

I loved my time in Bangkok but now it was time to move on & head to Cambodia. I felt very organised with my online visa until I realised i’d applied through a scam website and it cost me almost double the price of $70!! I typed into google ‘Cambodia visa’ and a nice official site came up so I entered my details, paid by paypal and didn’t think anything more about it expecting it to be through in a few days. I woke up the following morning with an uneasy feeling about the visa and decided to check my inbox to realise i’d not received a confirmation e mail, only the paypal confirmation which was an e mail address for an Indian visa company!! Alarm bells started ringing and I disputed the payment with paypal and sent a lovely message to the e mail address provided to give them two options – to return the money or I would report them for fraud!! To my surprise the money was refunded within 1 hour so I was very pleased about that. I then applied through the correct website and received my online visa within 2 days so I was ready to go & lesson learnt…hopefully!!


Sunset view from the hostel roof terrace….beautiful !!

I was now ready to leave the hostel and so much for travelling light as I had to repack and leave two carrier bags of clothes at the hostel…they have a free luggage store for up to 2 months and it worked well as i’d be returning there at the end of my trip. How many of you have thought you’re travelling light to then realise you’ve done it again and packed unnecessary things just incase or clothes you’re probably not going to wear….ring any bells??

Jose Gonzalez from rebates zone (http://www.rebateszone.com/home/) and myself have collaborated to bring you some packing tips and we would love to hear your comments and feedback and any packing tips you have?? Thank you Jose for producing the image!! Do you use a backpack for travelling or do you use a suitcase? I’m never happier than when I’ve got my backpack on & heading off for a new adventure stepping into the unknown!!

One of the best stories I heard was when I was travelling in Turkey when a guy shared a story with us about losing is backpack (can’t remember how) but he was left with only the clothes he was wearing, passport, money and a toothbrush! He said losing his backpack was one of the best things that ever happened for him for him to realise what do you actually need while you’re on the road. I’m now ready with a lighter backpack thanks to the packing tips and life is so much easier!!

Nearly in Cambodia!!

Happy packing everyone and will share in my next blog post about the wonders of Angkor Wat!!

Have a good week and i’ll be back soon with some more adventures!!

 Mei xx


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  1. i travelled like this with my sister we went for 4 months thailand, singapore, hong kong and australia. Only a back pack but so much easier, only the basics and off we went hitch hiked first from devon to Rome, then by plane round the rest of places, so much fun and we met so many interesting people. I must admit the aroma of hot croissants and coffee whist hitching through France took some beating !.

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