Views from the Hills – Launch Party.

Wednesday 28th March 2012 – Views from the Hills – Launch Party.

On a lovely sunny afternoon in Solano, 13 woman sat together on the terrace with a fantastic view over the valley and into the hills opposite. We had brought a huge variety of home-made cakes, biscuits, savouries and delicacies which we shared and delighted in – all washed down with copious cups of hot tea and coffee. Somewhere, a bottle of wine was smuggled in – but not seen again!

Some of us were old friends, some were friends just made and others were just getting to know one another but nevertheless, there was two hours of talk, laughter, sharing and ideas. Everyones goal seemed to be the same – “What can we do together? What can we share? There were such a variety of experiences and knowledge that it was easy to get sidetracked into peoples’ interests, jobs, lives and enthusiasms.

Lynsey and I explained the basic idea of getting together; a travelling group that meets wherever we agree to (volunteers for hosts always welcome) once per month for new experiences, talks, demonstrations, walks, picnics and other members suggestions.

The group is not for business purposes but to create a community which supports, cares, has interests and creates friendships. It seems there are a good many creative people who grow or make items so the idea of a table to sell these products was warmly received (later, I wondered about a “garden cuttings swap”).

There were so many ideas and thoughts going around Lynsey and I asked if people to share them with the group on other afternoons – so we are now waiting for the diary to fill up. So, as Delia would say, let’s be having you!

Other hot favourites for the afternoon were:

Members Spotlight – an interview with a member each month which will be posted on Facebook.

A discrete table for business cards that can be picked up as needed by other members.

A write up of each meeting and photos so that those who were unable to attend still feel a part of the day.

Recommendations – if members have a good experience of something they can pass the information on to others.

If members are having an event they feel others would enjoy they can post it on the Facebook page.

The Facebook VFTH Diary – where you will find both the monthly event and other things of interest suggested by members.

Lastly, looking at the Views From The Hills Facebook page this evening it would seem “…….and a lovely day was had by all”.

See you all soon.

You can join our group here on Costawomen by going to the groups page 🙂 x

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