With High Unemployment, it’s Time to Think Differently

20 minutos tell us that at the end of December 2012 the Andalusian Employment Service made redundant 413 advisors across the region. With unemployment in Andalucía already amongst the worst regions in Europe for job losses, this will be a terrible shock to people who are unemployed and need advise and motivation.

All of the staff made redundant were ‘temporary’ contract people, most of whom had been employed since 2008. Sadly this is the state of the Spanish job market now, and in 2013 we can expect worse news.

With so many people unemployed now really isn’t the time to be apathetic. With a lack of jobs, and no sign of improvement, it is even more important than ever to find self-motivation and be active and industrious.

For many people this will mean competing for the few jobs that are offered, and this really will require an exceptional CV and knowledge of what the employer is looking for. Job networking should be the main focus, and that means going to business functions to meet business managers so they have the opportunity to meet you.

Another alternative is to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Tuenti more effectively. Make new friends with people who might be able to help with finding work. Don’t limit yourself to people you already know, try to find new people and introduce yourself to them. LinkedIn and Twitter are particularly good for job seekers.

We also recommend starting your own business, if you think of all the things you are qualified to do, and then think of all the things you could do easily if you just had your own clients. You might not even need startup capital. Consulting in a high unemployment job market is far easier because employers don’t want to give contracts, but you need several clients to make this work for you.

2 thoughts on “With High Unemployment, it’s Time to Think Differently”

  1. There is employment immediately available for anyone with a good level of spoken English available in England. The role consists of caring for people in their own homes and can be on a full or part time basis. I have helped many people from my area gain employment but just do not seem to be getting my message out there as to what a great opportunity this is. I myself started working on a part time basis 3 weeks every 2-3 months and found it to be the answer to my prayers. I could work when I wanted to, maintain my lifestyle in Spain and the freedom from worry was wonderful.

  2. I have a fantastic job opportunity. I have a young boy of 9 months and work my hours around him to suit. Although woking for myself I have great training & support from a Global Company. I really believe in the products I am using and reccomending and know that my business will just grow & grow. That's why I'm so excited abut spreading the word and telling other people about it. And you are totally right Maria Martin, with Facebook and other social networks, particularly Costa Women, the coast is clear to widen our horizons and dream bigger than we ever have before. I never dreamed I'd be working alongside 2 best friends from my school days and that is exactly what I am now doing. I am happier and healthier than ever and just can't wait for more enthusiastic, likeminded people to help me. To find out more email me susanlisacheers@hotmail.com or call me on 618142225 or 617668917. Or likewise inbox me here and I will contact you. Kind Regards, Susan Cheers

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