10 reasons why you don’t need a professional copywriter

Lets start with a fact: all businesses need words. The spoken ones tend to come naturally, but what about the written ones? The ones you need for your website, your blog, your social media posts, your newsletters, your free downloads…. Do they come as easily? Probably not but you’ve said before (and I can hear you saying it again now), you don’t need a professional copywriter. And here’s why.

1. You can write good copy yourself

Because anyone can write, right? Just like anyone can draw, bake a celebration cake or get awesome reach on Facebook. So, of course you can write your own content. And write it well, originally and quickly.

But what if you let a professional copywriter get on with your writing while you do the stuff you’re good at?

(BTW: my maxim is do what you’re good at and pay someone else to do the rest.)

2. You know it’s too expensive

Because professional copy is way out of your budget, right? Just like all our products and services are too expensive. So, of course you can save money by writing your own copy or go on one of those fiver sites and pay peanuts (but get monkeys).

But what if you got a quote for some professional copy? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price.

(BTW: think of any business cost as an investment. Just one new client will pay for those great words on your website.)

3. You have plenty of spare time

Because everyone has sooo much time on their hands, right? Just like all those other entrepreneurs who sit twiddling their thumbs because they’ve finished everything including writing their own content.

But what if you got a professional copywriter to do it for you so you free up some of your precious time to get on with the stuff that you do well?

(BTW: how long has it taken you to write your blog post for the Costa Women Business Breakfast challenge? See what I mean?)

4. You know how much to write

Because everyone just knows the ideal length for a blog post, LinkedIn Pulse article, landing page, brochure, Google Ad, right? Just like you know that Google loves (really, really loves) long reads.

But what if you put your copy in the hands of a professional and let them write the amount that’s needed?

(BTW: for a blog post to count for Google, it needs at least 400 words. Double that and Google sits up and maybe gets out of bed. Quadruple it and Google can’t wait for your next post.)

5. You can think of lots of great ideas for blog posts

Because we can all draw endless ideas out of a hat, right? Just like we can always think of new business ideas, different ways of getting new clients, fun posts for Facebook…

But what if you got a professional copywriter to dream up a month’s/half-year’s/year’s load of blog content?

(BTW: I draw up content calendars for all my clients. You’d be surprised at the quantity and variety.)

6. You keep up with best practice on Google

Because you’re always reading up on the latest Google trends, following Hubspot, listening in CoSchedule webinars, right? Just like you can keep track of Facebook algorithms, the latest type of yoga, the Costa Women event calendar…

But what if you let a professional copywriter sweat the Google stuff for you?

(BTW: the best copywriters make a point of knowing the latest trends for Google-friendly copy.)

7. You’re au fait with all things SEO

Because you know about SEO too, right? Just like you know all about keywords, snippets and tagging.

But what if you got a professional writer to take over the SEO? Then you wouldn’t even have to know what it means.

(BTW: keeping up with best SEO practice isn’t easy, but some of us do it.)

8. You can create the perfect landing page and CTA

Because you get landing pages right every time and your clients just can’t stop clicking on that button, right?

But what if you put all this jargon in the hands of a professional and just welcomed the new business as your clients click that CTA button?

(BTW: all content should tell the reader what’s in it for them.)

9. You know how to make easy-to-read content easier to read

Because you know all about Flesch-Kincaid readability scores and all those WordPress tricks, right? Just like you know how to write good and varied blog posts that are Google-friendly, have the right SEO and are the perfect length.

But what if you asked for a quote from a professional and got on with the things you’re really good at?

(BTW: the main keys to easy reading are short paragraphs, bold text and lots of white space.)

10. You’re one of those amazing women who can do anything and everything


(BTW: I’m definitely no superwoman but I can write some mean words.)

Let my words do the work for you.

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  1. Loved reading this, you are amazing fluent with your humour Joanna... so glad you are around to help busy costa women x Barbara

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