7 Tips to manage Back Pain

When back pain strikes it can leave you feeling stuck and helpless, especially when you’re busy, on holiday or away from home and not sure where to go.

So if you’ve been struck this summer try my top tips to keep moving:

  1. ICE – a pack of frozen peas will do. Always wrap it in a damp tea towel to protect your skin. Use it for 10 minutes every half hour. Reduces inflammation and helps to numb the area


  1. TOILETS – If you have a really bad back, sitting on the loo can be a struggle. How do you get down and then get back up? The answer, sit facing the cistern and use it to support yourself down and back up!


  1. CAR SEAT – Getting in and out of the car (perhaps to get to your physio appointment?!) can be tricky. A simple trick is to put a flat plastic bag on the car seat (to reduce friction), sit down with both legs still out and swivel round.  Do the opposite to get out.


  1. POSITION – changing position can often seem the hardest part, but staying too long in one position can leave you feeling stiff and make it harder to move. So try and shift positions every 20 – 30 minutes.


  1. BAR STOOL – possibly the only time I’ll recommend a bar for treatment! Perching on a bar stool can often be the most comfortable position as you are supported but not in a full sitting position. And remember my favourite piece of research – a beer is just as effective a painkiller as a paracetamol!!


  1. STAND TALL – try and concentrate on standing well. Focus on your core muscles and pelvic floor and use them to support you. Actively relax your back muscles. If you’re in front of a mirror (cleaning your teeth is good!) pull your chin in so your ears are over your shoulders, draw your shoulders back and down and bring ankles, hips and shoulders into a line.


  1. GET HELP – pain is a protection mechanism – it gets you to stop moving so your body can recover. But if it lasts more than 24-48 hours get proper, qualified help!

For more information and tips on supporting back pain please check out our website, www.TheBodyworksClinic.com for our free ebook “7 myths about Back Pain”, our Facebook page Bodyworks Health Clinic or call us on 952 883 151

2 thoughts on “7 Tips to manage Back Pain”

  1. This is wonderful and very valuable information, Emmie. I was an occupational therapist for 30 years and never have I encountered (here in USA) such a willingness to share this kind of information. Generally, any sharing that is done is superficial until the other pays..then the information gets specific enough (the kind of details that you share here) to be of value and helpful. So THANK YOU..I'm sure I'll be referring back to this post myself from time-to-time as the years continue to creep-up on me..lol! I may even need your services as a physiotherapist (now that I know how smart you are!) someday once I am relocated in Spain

  2. Hi Donna, thank you so much for the kind words. We firmly believe that getting people better is the important part! So the more good and useful information we share, the better people get! We look forward to meeting a like minded therapist when you get here!

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