Are YOU Allowing Energy to Serve YOU?



Are you allowing energy to serve you; to support you in living a caring, joyful and vibrant life or are you allowing energy to worry you, make you ill and miserable?


Where is your focus and what are your beliefs? This answer will determine how energy is serving you and what life you are living.


More and more we are hearing how some of our new technology and processes… even the radiation from the sun is causing harm to Earth and our physical body and mind.


While this is true on one level and being aware of negative affects help us to be mindful about how we live our dual life, at some point we each have to realise our life experience is part of a 3D, low density existence founded on fear and lack… that keeps mass consciousness (society) hypnotised, controlled, small, poor, weak and ill.


No amount of doing… fixing or perfecting will save you or release you from this dual existence. The only way to exit this experience of success and failure, playing the roles of victim and aggressor and experiencing suffering is to understand it is a stage for freewill to be played out… and for you to realise that, depending on your focus, beliefs and conditioning, you experience fear or love and are therefore fully responsible for allowing yourself to remain unconscious, worried and ill or conscious of the truth of who you truly are.


A being of consciousness… of love… of light… all powerful, magnificent, vibrant and free… who radiates light from within… that protects yourself from every kind of dark energy, allows you to care and honour all life around you and attracts energy in to serve your highest potential.

Levels of Consciousness… Except from the MasterCreatorClass


The great shift of consciousness is NOW in full swing… Human consciousness is expanding on a large scale, attracting fast and furious rays of light (waves of radiation) that continue to bombard Earth and all Humankind, changing the Electromagnetic Environment. It all naturally helps hearts open wide to be able to sense the bigger picture, reunite you with your Divine and loving essence and change/upgrade your dense carbon based body to one of pure crystalline light.


The light penetrates deep into the Earth and your physical body/mind, releasing/detoxing old beliefs and programmes of lack and fear from the Earth and your cellular memory. Earth and your Human vessel is being prepared to fully receive your Divine light body for you to physically bring yourself into a new and magical experience of Heaven on Earth.


You will experience your whole reality changing most gently. You will find yourself saying goodbye to your old Human ways of being, embracing all darkness and balancing duality… which opens you up, quite naturally to a whole new way of living as Your Magnificent Self… living life as a celebration.


To make this a more comfortable journey, it is essential you continue to observe and be aware of your Ascension process… naturally raising your vibration from fear to love. For you to always know where your focus is… the games you continue to play and how your beliefs attract everything in your life. Only by consciously choosing in each moment to navigate from love, will you… deter harmful energies and experience harmony.


Please make sure you listen to your inner guidance, be kind to yourself, drink lots of fresh water, take gentle walks in nature, rest as much as possible and keep focused on your excitement to be part of this grand transformation and happening on Earth.


I know it is so easy to allow fear to trigger your insecurities and unworthiness, but please understand, if you don’t stay focused on your new alignment with your core essence of love, joy and freedom and believe you are magnificently powerful in your own right, raising your vibration and attracting energy to serve you… life will try and destroy you.



Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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2 thoughts on “Are YOU Allowing Energy to Serve YOU?”

  1. Christine Maclean

    Hello Barbara. What you have written describes very much I am feeling right now. I used to be full of life, confident and eager to embrace new ideas etc. Now I have no energy and am dissatisfied. Unfortunately I live a long way from the coast so don't get down there too often. Advice? I would be grateful. Thank you. Christine

  2. Barbara Franken

    Christine, thanks so much for resonating with my post and realising your own awakening and ascension process...! What you write, how you used to enjoy all of life and then you landed in a space of... what the heck is going on... is indeed all a natural part of growing back into true pureness or wholeness. So please now you read this, take a deep breathe and relax... and know you are in the most perfect space and its time to make some changes to be able to fully access Your Magnificent Self!

    First of all embrace feeling yuk, having no energy and dissatisfied... its all energy and needs a hug from YOU! Love melts all darkness... and slowly you allow yourself to come back into wholeness.

    Living far away is no problem as you can read my weekly blogs here on Costa Women or on my own website, listen into my weekly facebook and you tube live events... even read my own true story of awakening and ascension... Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom and take part in my online MasterCreator Class, where you get to celebrate yourself in this now moment. If you would like more one to one we can always talk on skpye.

    First though take a look at my website, maybe send me an email to with anything specific and maybe we can chat on skpye or even WhatsApp video! My telephone no is 650796579. Much love, Barbara x

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