Can it really be THIS Easy?

Well every body that has tried this weight loss program tells me this is easy, no hunger pains, no cravings and best of all , where the first phase lasts just 21 days, can this really be true ?

After a health scare in March where I discovered I had the family heart disease I decided to start looking into natural remedies. I would not say I had an unhealthy lifestyle, long time ex smoker and drinker my only real vice was food. WTH I would always think, enjoy food, eating with family, one little ice cream wont hurt had led to me gaining weight over the last 10 years.

This of course takes its strain on your heart, an all ready weakened heart has to work much harder when you are overweight.

During the last few months I have been looking into natural products, can you really help repair your body with vitamins and minerals ? I am now convinced you can.

The company I now buy all my vitamin and supplements from offer a 21 DAY RESET YOUR METABOLISM DIET, all the testimonial say how easy it is, no hunger and results. After reading into it I decide to give it a go.

To help me focus I am writing this blog, all comments and feed back are welcome.


Today and tomorrow are what are called the loading days. This is where I have to eat 3000 plus calories a day. Great fun I think, yippee, kid in a candy shop.

How wrong I was !!!!!

After a breakfast of toast and scrambled egg I really had to force lunch down. I never normally eat breakfast and have a small salad for lunch, my pigging out stage comes after my evening meal. Living with a full blown chocoholic, whom I may add NEVER puts on weight , makes snacking seem normal.

After my lunch of pasta salad I really struggled to have an ice cream The worst thing is that by eating breakfast my body was in shock and I had not been to the loo, I had never had a great digestive system so  now I was starting to worry that I was going to burst !

I had promised hubby we would have a full on Indian takeaway tonight, I feel sick at the thought of more food.

Ok I did not manage to eat all the Chicken Madras, half is in the fridge for me tomorrow, this is something I am dreading, normally I love the cold left over curry or pizza the next morning.

I go to bed feeling like I have a bag of rocks in my stomach. 

SUNDAY 19/07

Surprisingly I have slept really well but not surprisingly I wake up feeling like I can just not eat any more food.

After a nice coffee along with the vitamins and drops that accompany this diet I decide to log on to the support group to ask if I can cut down on my food today.

ABSOLUTLY NOT is the answer, I must eat, in fact this is essential as the more I eat on my loading days the more success I will have in loosing weight.

So it is with great dread I commence my day with some toast. I try to go out for walk hoping to get my digestive system moving but no joy.

Back home to some chicken and potato salad followed by an ice cream. It is important that the loading days contain fatty foods. I am now dreading the left over curry in the fridge, I am craving lettuce and cucumber.

Off I go to bed with sweet dreams of the lovely salad I can have tomorrow, really can not wait.

MONDAY 20/07

Now this is starting to feel like a diet. Black coffee for breakfast, fantastic news for my digestive system, finally movement !

Lunch is a large salad with some lean grilled meat, again my mouth was watering at the thought of the crisp lettuce. I really thought I would miss my mayo but the herb and lemon juice dressing is nice.

Mid afternoon I am starting to struggle, not with hunger pains but starting to feel very tired and the beginnings of a sore head.

After finishing work my daughter decides she just has to go to Myramar shopping. I feel as if my legs are lead weights and I am running out of energy. Not sure if this is down to the heat or the reduced food intake.

Finally I get home, stick some meat under the grill and chop up some veg. While this is cooking I contact the support, more water I am told I am not drinking enough. This in hindsight does make sense and I gulp down two pints.

That seemed to make a difference and I must remember to always have a bottle of water with me tomorrow.

Good thing is I have managed to stick to the diet all day, even with normal family life and food going on all around me and no hunger pains.

Another day crossed of the calendar lets see how I wake up tomorrow.



The one thing that is hard to work out with this weight lossprogram is why there are no hunger pangs or cravings, it must be down to the vitamins and drops.

Not a bad day today, I upped my water intake so no headaches.

The exhaustion came over me around 10 pm, again not sure if that was down to the heat or the diet.


Finally I have woken up feeling great.

My digestive system is back to normal and I feel full of energy.

Great day all around, even managed to do a massive load of ironing when I got home from the office.

Sitting here now, 8.30 pm writing up my blog and still no hunger pains or cravings.

Really looking forward to weighing myself on Friday, one of the women that did the diet last month lost 25lbs in the first month.

I would be happy with half of that.


Today has been a great day, full of energy BUT I must admit that I am getting a bit worried. Can a diet that leaves you with no cravings or hunger pangs be working ? Can I feel satisfied and be loosing weight ? I am starting to feel a little nervous, I think I will weigh myself tomorrow to see how I am getting on.

FRIDAY 24/07

Right had my black coffee now I think I will stop off at the chemist to weigh myself. I don´t say anything to my family, just in case I haven´t lost anything.




Now I am in the swing of things, take my drops 20 mins before each meal, multivitamins and antioxidents in the morning, this is EASY !!!!!!

People are now starting to ask me  “What have you changed, is it your hair ?” “Have you had a facial ? ” 

When I tell them I have lost over 4 kg in less than one week they can not believe it. Any body that knows me , knows how much I love my food.

Hubby even sat beside me last nigh eating chocolate biscuits and then a big bag of salted peanuts. Normally that would be me giving up on the diet and snacking, last night it did not bother one ounce.

SUNDAY 26/07

Up with lots of energy, just before popping out to meet a new friend hubbub gave me a hug.

OMG he was astonished by the way I felt slimmer.

This has to be doing my heart good not having to cart around all this extra weigh. 

Making a lovely chicken and veg stir fry tonight, lunch was a cauliflower base pizza !!!!! 


Monday was a good day, I now have lots of energy and still not craving any food or feeling hungry.

Tuesday morning I popped into the chemist to get weighed, YIPPPPPEEEEEEE another 2kgs off.

That is a total of 6kg in one week. Anybody who need to lose weight really should do this. I am delighted with myself for getting this far, NEVER EVER have I had this kind of success with weight loss.



I have discovered an unexpected side effect to the diet. I suffer from dry skin, my legs are normally very bad. The only way I can describe it is to say my legs look like snake skin.

After shaving my legs the other day I noticed my skin felt different and the dry patchy skin had gone. While I was chatting with my support sponsor I happened to mention it, it turns out the vitamins and minerals help to balance out your body´s acid and alkaline levels, this is what help my dry skin clear up. Normally I would use loads of body cream, especially after shaving my legs, now I don´t use it. AMAZING !!!!!

MONDAY 03/08

I had a great weekend. Went out for dinner with friends Saturday night, fish and salad for me. The bread was put on the table but I was not tempted at all. Even when we went to the lovely little wine bar in La Cala for a drink after I stuck with water and totally resisted the crisps. Before starting this weight loss program I would never have resisted bread and crisps. I have decided because this is working so well for me I will do another 21 day cycle. it would be great if I could lose 20 kg´s. I passed by the chemist this morning, another kg off.I have really stated to notice the inches coming off over the last few days. All my clothes are starting to be too big and I no longer have a spare tyre around my middle when I sit down,

SUNDAY 09/08

Today is the final day, 21 days has just flown past. I have lost another 3 kgs over this week bringing my total weight loss over the 21 days to 10 kgs. I still can not believe how easy it has been, no hunger pains, no cravings. It really seems amazing. My skin is so much better and best of all I am doing wonders for my poor heart. So ladies when I am asked the question ” Can weight loss really be this easy ?” The answer is 100% YES

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  1. Thanks Louise, I am really starting to feel good. I am just so pleased I have found a weight loss program that works for me

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