Costa Women Meet … Masha Malka

Masha Malka has defied the odds throughout her life. Leaving the only life, and country, she had known, Masha Malka’s life turned upside down when her family fled the Soviet Union.

Overcoming the struggles of being a refugee at 17 years old, living below the poverty line, wondering where her next meal would come from to decades later dealing with a very difficult break-up of a 20-years marriage, living in seven countries, to becoming an internationally recognized author, speaker and a life and executive coach to hundreds of clients has given Masha the unique ability to understand what it takes to turn your life around.

The show notes from the interview are below.


Hello Masha so nice to chat to you – tell us how you ended up living in Marbella?

Before moving to Marbella, I was living in Miami, FL but as soon as I graduated from the University there, my husband and I decided to move to Europe in search of a perfect place to have and to raise children. After living in Austria, UK, and Bulgaria and extensive travel all around Europe, we found that perfect little place in Marbella and settled here.


The One minute Coach – tell us more!

The One Minute Coach(c) is a system that uses Accelerated Learning Techniques and Whole Brain Learning to present the information so that it is easy and effective to understand and to internalise. All my books are written using this system. Each chapter takes about a minute to read followed by specific action steps and an image. This system has proven to be very popular with the readers, which is why I decided to write a series of books using that format.


Can we process enough information in one minute that can change our focus enough to make a difference?

If you are learning a totally new skill, such as accounting, or the game of chess, or anything else you never did before, you will not be able to learn it in one minute; however, change happens the MOMENT you make a decision to change and accumulate enough information to make that change. So the reality is, it takes less than a minute to change and make a difference, but sometimes it takes many minutes of accumulated knowledge to do what needs to be done.

The name of my first book is The One Minute Coach: Change your life one minute at a time. This is the “secret” to true and lasting success – do what needs to be done every day, one minute a time, and you are guaranteed to get there. 


You believe everyone is able to make a change (in fact I have a quote on my vision board for 2018 which says ‘Anyone can Change everything’) – what do you think stops us?

We are constantly changing everything, with every decision we make to do or even not to do something. EVERYTHING has a consequence. What we need to ask ourselves, is what would be the consequences of my action or inaction and is that what I want out of life?


And ballroom dancing! What difference has dancing made to your life?

Dancing feeds my soul. The more we move away from doing what we “have to” to what we “want to”, without placing a judgment on our actions, the sooner we will reach that level of happiness and peace of mind that most want and the sooner this world will heal.


One person you wish you could have a waltz with and why? 

Love this questions!! kiss Have to name three!

John Travolta

My future husband on our wedding

My son on his wedding


Which One Minute Coach do you have planned next?

The One Minute Coach to Awakening the Goddess Within


What goal will you achieve for your business in 2018?

Create a strong platform and a strong online presence so that as many people as possible will find out about my books and my services


Which Business Book you are currently reading and number one thing you have learnt? 

I am currently reading Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are doing the Uncommonby Dr. Joe Dispenza

“When you change your emotions, you can change the expression of your genes!” You can basically manipulate your DNA into making different proteins which then change the structure of your body as well as your experiences. (I always enjoy finding scientific proof to something I believe, though the scientific proof is not necessary to me in order to believe something).


Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Immediately two things come to mind… One is when I learned that I am responsible for my own life and that completely turned my life around. I felt in control and empowered because I realised it was up to me to design the life that I want! All I need to do is to find the tools.

The second one is when I learned to never allow myself or anyone else make me feel guilty. Guilt is a very distractive emotion and living with guilt poisons our lives. 


Favourite quote and why? 

People will forget what you said

People will forget what you did

But people will never forget how you made them feel!

Maya Angelou


This is my motto in life. Lead by example, inspire and elevate people, help them feel good about themselves and the endless opportunities and possibilities this life has to offer.


I am waving my magic wand and giving you 1 wish for your business – what would you wish for, or are you daydreaming about?

I would wish for Oprah to discover my book and recommend it as her top reading choice for this summer cool


Something you will achieve over the summer?

Design a talk that is worth being on TED talk


PS: I would like to offer to Costa Women a complimentary e-book I put together with a selection of chapters from my new The One Minute Coach to Mastering Your Emotions. They can go to to download it.

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Thank you Masha!


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  1. I came across you at an event in Marbella many years ago. I bought your book from you I can't remember the name lol like you say. But I know I bought 2 more after one for my daughter who still has the book and reads it still and one for my best friend. I remember the diagrams were awesome and the book changed my way of thinking. I still use some of your quotes today. One in particular That everyone has a different view from their own window 🙂 Thank you, Masha Malka, you changed the way I feel. <3

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