The right combination to unlock your pain

I trained in the military, then I worked in the NHS.

Both are all about being part of a team.

Not just a team of physios but a multidisciplinary team with Doctors, surgeons and a whole host of other health professionals working together to support a patient’s recovery.

Team Work

Which is why I am so excited about the team we are building at Bodyworks.

I believe that part of what makes a good health professional is NOT thinking you have all the answers, but knowing your area of expertise really well and knowing when to recommend a patient sees someone else to get the best results.

Because you, the patient, are the most important person.

Welcome, welcome!

So it is with great excitement that we now welcome Rebecca Richards our acupuncturist to our growing musculoskeletal treatment team. With 15 years clinical experience Rebecca has a whole host of skills and knowledge to support a wide range of issues including considerable time working in a specialist chronic pain clinic.

Like Geoffrey Wattine (our Craniosacral Osteopath) and myself, Rebecca’s approach is holistic in the original sense of the word – the whole body, the big picture.

The right path for you

Everyone at Bodyworks is focused on helping you achieve your goal – life without pain.

But it is important that You have the control and opportunity to choose the best route forward.

By combining therapies to create an individual treatment plan you can get the results you want, when you want them and how you want them.