Monika Zuberova

Costa Women meet Monika Zuberova

Almeria has become home and life and a business project for Monika Zuberova.  Since moving there she wants to promote it as your future destination too. Read her story.

Why Spain?

I came in November 2020 to Almería for 10-month-long volunteering stay and I fell in love with the province – with the climate, sea, people, gastronomy. So in November 2023 I sold my apartment in Prague, CZ and bought a flat in Almería close to the beach.

I started to cooperate as freelance with a local co-working space and now I am trying to promote Almería as a travel and remote work destination through my project Almería Wonder.

And where are you now?

I am based in Almería capital. Almería has a great potential for: travellers, expats and remote workers.

It is still very authentic place with good prices for living and very nice people.

Monika Zuberova

What was the biggest challenge for your move?

The biggest challenge is the bureaucracy and setting up good business partnerships to be able to become a Spanish automono and get the residency.

Do you have any advice for Women thinking about making the move?

Do not be afraid of making a change and stepping out of your comfort zone, in the end there will always be someone who can help you and support you. You will soon fall in love with the south of Andalucía.

What does your life look like in Spain? 

My normal day during starts with a short walk on Paseo Marítimo – by the beach. Then I have my workout at gym and spent 2-3 hours at coworking space, working on my project Almería Wonder and searching for opportunities and having meetings.

After the lunch break I continue in the co-working office, supporting the members, receiving visits and handling social media as community manager.

In the evening I usually spend time with my friends – cooking, going out for tapas or dancing.

During the weekends I like to travel around the province – mostly hiking in the nature.

Two main goals: to buy another apartment and to rent a studio by the beach to gain more income.

Move my project Almería Wonder into business while connecting with international travel agencies and local businesses to create new travel products.

My dream is to manage a small boutique hotel or and create VIP travel packages.

Monika Zuberova

If you could achieve one spectacular thing in just one day what would it be?

“Selling Almería” as a wonderful and unique travel destination to foreign travel agencies who focus on tailor-made trips.

Something you are grateful for?

I found a part-time job in Almería and I bought a very nice studio by the beach within 1 month after my arrival.

What’s your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is organisational skills

Do you have a favourite quote?

Change your mindset - change your reality.

We are the creators of our own reality and life. It means not to be afraid, always look up and go with the flow.

One thing you had to bring to Spain and could never give away?

I brought some spiritual objects from Nepal and Peru, which help me to meditate and relax.

Do you have a favourite film?

Intouchables (2011) – because it is showing that everyone can become a better person, if they want.

Something you would tell your younger self?

Trust in yourself and your skills, do not be afraid of failure.

Thank you Monika Zuberova where can we find out more?

My website:

Personal Instagram

Business Instagram


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