Costa Women Meet … Ruth Helen Westnidge

Formerly living in Barcelona, meet new to Lanzarote, Ruth Westnidge.  Ruth is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, mother and lover of nature.



Ruth, why did you move to Spain?

Having done the 20s mostly in London UK, I really knew it wasn’t for me forever. I loved the countryside in Spain, the weather, the slower pace, so many pluses that I moved to Barcelona in 2010 and stayed 10 years. Just moved to Lanzarote and again, loving the weather, the scenery and the laid back style.


Where are you based and why should we move there?

Costa Teguise, Lanzarote. You should move here because the scenery is stunning, no high rise tourist hotels, you’re minutes away from the beach with the most amazing cobalt blue sea and yet you can still easily walk into the mountains.



What was the biggest challenge when you moved to Spain?

First arrival in 2010: zero Spanish language and zero contacts. Literally. Learnt Spanish, joined some women’s networking groups like this, little by little met people and learned how to live and work here.


How do you spend your days?

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Hiking in nature. Cycling by the sea. Hanging out with my best buddy, my 7 year old son.




Something you are grateful for at the moment?

Grateful for all the people who keep in touch online and the lucky breaks I’ve had all the way through, there’s been a lot and a lot of people aren’t so fortunate, super super grateful.


If you arranged a dinner party, who would you invite?

Right now I’d give anything to get us all around a table – I’ll take my small circle of good friends from Barcelona, Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), Hove & London (UK) & Seattle (USA).


What’s your superpower?

Be kind and be funny if you can – it is a killer.


One thing you had to bring to Spain and why?

Easy – childhood bear, now belongs to my son.


Favourite childhood book…

The Tree That Sat Down – full of nature, trees, insects and so on.


Something you would tell your younger self…

There’s more to life than little circles, get to the ocean and get a boat


Where can we find out more and connect?




Thank you Ruth!