Costa Women Meet … Wahida Mohamed

Meet Wahida who is dreaming about moving to Spain and in the meantime is celebrating the launch of her first book.  Read her story


Tell us about your Spain journey

I am currently based in the UK and planning to travel to Spain in the next 6 months.


What advice do you give yourself in readiness for the move?

Just take the leap, but prepare for it!!


How do you spend your days?

I am an author,a trained secondary teacher, a poet, a speaker, a podcaster, and an entrepreneur. As a teacher, I know that stories are the best way to convey life lessons.


Tell us about something you have achieved?

I am absolutely grateful for my new book “Wisdom Feast, what would you like to be remembered for?” It is now published on Amazon, the message is out to the world!



Who would you have around your dinner table?

Gandhi, for his kindness, his beautiful mind, Amy Winehouse, for her beautiful music and witty personality, Steve Jobs for his entrepreneurial skills and creative mind. We would eat various Mediterranean dishes sprinkled with delicious olive oil!


What is your secret weapon?



Your favourite saying?

Believe in yourself!


Something you have to bring with you to Spain?

I will take with me my pen my dad gifted me when I was 10


Favourite song?

Imagine, John Lennon. I like to remind myself that we live in a beautiful world.



Something you would tell your younger self?

You can do it, and always remember who you truly are, what makes you happy.


Where can we read your book?

Thank you Wahida!
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