Costa Women West Marbella Group

I am really pleased to be the new host for the Costa Women group West of Marbella.
My work as a Holistic life coach and intuitive gives me the life/ work balance that I need.
As so many of us working from home, the interaction with other like minded people is an enjoyable part of my life and the group helps me achieve that.

I moved to Spain nearly two years ago.
I came across the group a couple of months prior to relocating.
I struck up an online friendship with a Belgian woman who was moving from France around the same time.When we eventually met,I realised that I was so fortunate to have found someone with whom I really connected and have ‘a partner in crime ‘to explore the area .
It made my integration so much easier.
No matter what we were doing in the week , we made time to go and sit on the beach for a couple of hours on Sunday mornings and exchange ideas,contacts and useful phone numbers of work men, furniture suppliers and so much more.( We were both renovating our houses)

My friend has the advantage of speaking fluent Spanish, and I nick named her my ‘friend with benefits'(!)
Looking back we had our own mini CW group.

No matter what the reason is for relocating, once you arrive it can be daunting.
It doesn’t matter if you are young, middle aged,in your prime, single or with a partner/ family.
Suddenly you realise that it’s not as easy to go and see your best friends, and you have to start from scratch.
CW is full of like minded women, from all backgrounds that like you, have made the leap of faith to up sticks and move.
What is so incredible is that with this common denominator comes an openness to help each other and great friendships can be formed.
The meetings always flow easily and it’s like we have known each other for years.

So here I am , lucky enough to have become a new host.
It’s the beginning of a new chapter ….
I’m looking forward to meeting lots of you at our meetings held on the second Wednesday of each month ( except August) at Neli G’s just off the A7 in Estepona.
Alison less

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  1. Hello alison im moving to la duquesa shortly with my 2 children my son age 8 & my daughter age 4. Just wanted to say hello and ask 4 any advise on schools in the area from anyone with personal understanding of good schools would be very welcome xx

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