Hip or Knee Operation Postponed?

If you are waiting for your knee or hip operation it can get a bit disheartening. It can feel like limbo – you aren’t getting better, just . . . . waiting.

And often you don’t get a referral to a physiotherapist or other support and help until AFTER the operation.

And if that operation is delayed or postponed because of a crisis (here’s looking at you Covid-19!) then you get stuck. And that sensation isn’t going to help your knee or your hip feel any better.

What to do while waiting for your knee or hip operation

In my opinion, the best thing you can do while you are waiting for your operation is prehab.

That’s short for prehabilitation – it’s like rehabiliation but you do it BEFORE your operation.

Ok but why?

Several reasons actually:

  1. It reduces your pain and increases your mobility in the short term.
  2. It makes your recovery after the operation faster and more comfortable.

The basic premise is that the better shape you are in BEFORE you have surgery, (which is, in case we forget – major trauma to an already unhappy and traumatised area! ), the better shape you will be in coming out.

And in the short term we know that these exercises will make you more comfortable and help you become more mobile – so the waiting will be less painful.

Let’s be honest – what have you got to lose?

Except possibly some of your pain . . . .

So follow the links for 

Knee Operation Prehab

Hip Operation Prehab

And follow the instructions to get a detailed video and exercise program to start your prehab today. 

And if you have any questions or need modifications just drop me a WhatsApp on 699703936 or email me at reception@theBodyworksClinic.com and I’ll give you some tips and tweaks to personalise it for you.