Mental Health WellBeing…


Revisiting Older Posts on Mental Health…


Back in 2012, I answered a Sky News question… Is the NHS failing Mental Health Patients? and wrote about in my blog post Lets keep it Simple, Mental Health.


Five years later in 2017, after more personal experience with Mental Health I wrote another blog post Allowing Compassion to Change Society Taboos… Part I, writing about how our society continues to treat Mental Health based on old beliefs and patterns that leave our vulnerable fellow men, women and children stigmatised.


My Focus in MAY is dedicated to Mental Health…


IAM again inspired to talk about Mental Health, about how Compassionate Mindfulness can transform Mental Health Illness into Mental Health Wellness. In addition to this post, I will focus my Weekly Wednesday live QuietMeTime’s with the Conscious Breath at 5 to 5 (Spanish UTC Time+2) on Facebook and YouTube in May to Mental Health Wellness.


I will speak briefly about how our true passion and compassion no longer flows throughout humanity, having lost all sense of our divine spark that guides us to live a life of unity, community, harmony and freedom, and how through Compassionate Mindfulness with ourselves, we can each reclaim our true magnificent selves and live a life of celebration!


Through an inner journey you will be guided to experience your own sovereign spirit/consciousness who waits patiently to reconnect and integrate with your Body & Mind.


Questioning Mental Health…


Thankfully IAM not the only one who is expanding my consciousness and questioning our ever-increasing experience of Mental Health. Many others are asking similar questions…


Are there spiritual aspects to mental illness? Is psychosis related to spiritual enlightenment or shamanism? Is there a relationship between shamanism, spiritual enlightenment and psychosis? Are these just breakdowns, or can they be breakthroughs?


The Answer is Simple…


It is a knowingness from deep within me that knows that our mass experience of dark days… the feelings of despair, loneliness, helplessness, melancholy, pain, anguish, discouragement, misery, sorrow, wretchedness, shame and guilt, all come from a false belief of being separate, unworthy and non-essential, which over many lifetimes has caused a great fragmentation of our Body, Mind and Spirit.


AND to quite simply heal these dark experiences, is to look at ourselves and our life with ‘Big Compassionate Eyes’, to sense the bigger picture and realise the truth of our being unique, whole, worthy and an essential part of Our Magnificent World that allows us to integrate all of ourself, reuniting our Body, Mind, Spirit and Aspects.


Some People won’t want to Change…


If one enjoys suffering, likes drama, even attention from their perceived separation from spirit, they will not want to heal themselves in all ease and grace and be responsible for their thoughts, words and deeds that will eventually change their circumstances.


It is not to these people that I talk to. It is to the ones who are ready to listen, to resonate with their own inner knowing and choose to remember to change their perception and be uniquely whole themselves. YES… In the click of a finger.


Simple Tips to Practice…


*Observe your thoughts, words and deeds. Write a list of all the negative things and all the positive things. Not to judge yourself, but to become clear of what your mind beliefs.


*Sit with yourself silently, just be with All of Yourself and feel into your Consciousness, your Spirit, your natural loving presence that you are not separate from and is always with you.


*Recognise that your Mind, Body, thoughts, emotions and circumstances is not Who YOU Are. That you are quite naturally the Awareness, Consciousness observing the Human experience life.


*Understand that your Human beliefs and behaviour taken on from society is responsible for creating your circumstance and condition.


*Understand that life is about experiencing contrast, the light and dark and roles of victim and aggressor… AND now it’s been enough!


*Allow yourself to spend time outdoors in nature, be creative and playful and feel the joy that is your natural state of being.


*Allow yourself to wake up each morning with a smile and expect yourself to experience magic in this new day.


*Allow your Mind, Body, Spirit and Aspects (All the roles you’ve ever lived) to all come back home to you now. Embrace the oneness you truly are.


*Allow yourself to be free to live life as a celebration, experiencing all your wishes in every moment!  Just say YES!


*Know that your mind will eventually quieten and quite magically serve you in a new way.


Quiet Me Time with The Conscious Breath…
Part 1 Compassionate Mindfulness for Mental Health Wellbeing


Please enjoy my video below, part 1 of a 4 part series I’ve dedicated this month to Mental Health Wellness. I’ve transcribed my words for you to download and read if you like.


I would appreciate you sharing this blog post so that this dedication to Mental Health can be enjoyed far and wide. Thankyou.



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