Increase your Facebook Organic reach for FREE!

I’ve been using the new-ish style of Facebook Call to Action posts for a while now on the Pages I manage for others and I have found a significant increase in engagement, reach (10-20%)* and actions taken by the end user – I know this as we are getting more calls or messages in the bricks & mortar locations the Pages belong to and more bums on seats.

Obviously these stats are based on my interpretation of more actions = more customers = more money for my clients. Not rocket science just facts.

I’m not seeing many others use them in my news feed, so if you have had a play please share your results with me and let’s see if this can help others.
If you haven’t tried it yet the new layout looks like this –
And if you’re lucky and select the blue words See All you may also have another option
Live from desktop has not rolled out to everyone yet
If you select either Get Phone Calls, Get Messages or Help People Find your business you open similar looking windows in which to post, it’s just the call to action that is different.
Call to Action choices = Call Now, Message Now or Get Directions
The preview image that appears is your current cover pic. You can change it to any image you like on your own device (not from your existing Facebook albums)
You can also change the text below the image as well. In order to make the most of the chosen call to action button you can reference it in your text e.g “to make a reservation this evening please call us now. Tap the call now button below to dial directly through to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon”
For me this is a goldmine opportunity to get the reader to save themselves the bother of trying to mess with a copy & paste of the phone number or find a pen and paper. All they have to do is press the button!
I’ll be sharing a video soon on the actual steps and top-tips I’ve worked out already, but if you have any feedback from personal experience do let me know.
Message me on my Page Fiona Catchpowle with all the details 🙂

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