Is it time to find out your lung health ?

Most people know about the importance of having their blood pressure checked. It´s a good measure of cardiovascular health and easily done at a clinic or at home. However, we tend to be less informed about our lung health, but there is also a simple method of testing lung function. This is called Spirometry – it’s a simple non-invasive test where you blow into a device (the spiometer) as hard and for as long as you can. From this we can tell how well your lungs are functioning for your gender, height and age. Did you know that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Emphysema / Bronchitis) is the third leading cause of death in the world? And asthma affects about 334 million people ! Many often have these conditions without even knowing, or maybe they have been told they do have them, but in fact they don´t! Spiromety can sort this out.

Who should consider getting spirometry? 

Well, if you are over 35 years and a smoker then it´s a good idea. Or if you are breathless on hills or going upstairs. If you have a persistant cough or if you think you may have asthma then these are all indications to suggest a test may prove useful. 

Will spirometry detect lung cancer? 

Spirometry only tells us if there is something wrong with the airflow, is it too little or too slow. It cannot detect lung cancer, for that an X-ray or CT scan would be needed. But it can tell us if you have an obstructive lung disease (one where there is an obstruction to getting the air out of your lungs, such as narrow airways or sputum trapping) or a restrictive lung disease (one where there is a reduced amount of air in the lungs due to restriction such as scarring or thoracic deformity). Spirometry can also tell us whether your inhaler medicines are working as they should. 

What will happen if something is found? 

If we find a lung condition we can get you started on the proper medicines to help and if you smoke we have a fabulous, stop smoking service that really works. 

How can I get spirometry? 

Well you´re in luck! For one day only FRIDAY 20th SEPTEMBER I will be running free lung function testing sessions at Atlantic Clinic Nueva Andalucia. Book your session in at the clinic (+34) 952 81 7425. Spirometry is normally available at Atlantic at a cost of 75€ so this is a great deal! Don´t ignore your lung health.