Services Available to Foreign Women residents living in Spain –

Whilst a very emotive subject, many have been affected by domestic violence.  The British Consulate in Malaga advise that 30% of the crimes reported to them by the Police, which affect UK nationals, relate to domestic violence.

The British Consult have shared information for British nationals who are victims of rape or sexual assault in Spain – Rape and sexual assault in Spain: information for victims

The Women’s Institute in Malaga – Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer (IAM) offer a service to help foreign Women residents living in Spain. They provide a FREE HELPLINE where women can obtain information about their rights (not just in the situation of domestic violence, but also work issues, education, health, residency in Spain etc). 

The helpline is available in 51 different languages


At State-level 016

Persons with hearing disabilities: 900 116 016

Andalusia 900 200 999

Aragon 900 504 405

Balearic Islands 112

Canary Islands 112

Cantabria 942 214 141

Castile-La Mancha 900 100 114

Castile and Leon 012

Catalonia 900 900 120

Extremadura 112

Galicia 900 400 273

La Rioja 900 711 010

Madrid 012

Navarre 848 421 588 / 848 421 387

Basque Country 900 840 111

Principality of Asturias 985 962 010

Region of Murcia 112

Community of Valencia 900 580 888

Ceuta 900 700 099

Melilla 952 699 214

More information about this service and the rights available to you can be found at

Please share this service which is being promoted by the Costa del Sol branch of Soroptimist International


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  1. Thanks for this info, Ali - here are 2 vids worth watching - Patrick Stewart often talks about his childhood and the torment his father put him and his mother through. However, how he answered this vulnerable and brave fan's question is one of the most eloquent, passionate responses about domestic violence:

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