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A New Industry is Exploding!

An entire new industry is growing in front of us! This reminds me of when I started my Digital Marketing company in the US in 2004, before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.. Very Exciting!  

Suffer Better and Suffer Less

How do you deal with strong emotions? When we learn to process our emotions better we will be much happier and peaceful in our lives. Join me Saturday, November 21st where I will talking more about handling strong feelings. https://mschalin.com/workshop-11-21-2020/

Coping with change during COVID-19: COMING TO TERMS WITH THE ‘N

Adapted from the APS Tip Sheet  The ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, increased depression and concern that this state of constant change has become our new normal. This information sheet highlights some strategies to help you cope with change, deal with uncertainty and boost your …

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Thoughts are not facts

Thoughts are NOT FACTS. Just because you think it, does not make it TRUE. For good mental health, self-monitor your internal dialogue. What are you saying to yourself about a person or situation?     Do you know if your perception is even true?   We all see life through a filter. Every single one …

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