The Coworking Revolution

Millennials and Generation Z are driving a massive shift in the global work force, looking for flexible, inspirational spaces around the world where they can grow their business. This has led to the rise of coworking, shared work environments where small to medium sized businesses can have desk or office space, access to meeting rooms and facilities such as high speed internet, printing, photocopying and video conferencing.

The term coworking was coined by Brad Neuberg in 2005 when he set up the Hat Factory in San Francisco with just three technology workers. The concept gained traction with nomadic entrepreneurs working out of coffee shops and solopreneurs working from home and feeling isolated, and many more coworking sites opened in North America. It is now popular in Europe, Australia and Asia too, and brands are developing to offer small businesses an alternative to working from home and big businesses a cost-effective alternative to the traditional office.  

As well as the practical benefits of coworking, there are also excellent networking opportunities and the ability to form a strong business community to boost all members, share ideas and gain promotion. A recent study also showed other unexpected benefits, such as an increase in creativity, improved focus and an improved standard of work. Interestingly, 90% of coworkers in the study reported an increased self-confidence, showing the value of a community and the learning opportunities which coworking can bring.

Coworking space has doubled worldwide year-on-year since 2006. Demand already outstrips supply by a factor of 3:1 and over 65 million small businesses are expected to join by 2020 and so new players are entering the field. An exciting new coworking brand is Our//Space, a boutique coworking space provider which will open at least 50 locations in multiple key international gateway cities over the next 3-5 years. They are opening their first branch on the Golden Mile in Marbella this January.

Our//Space offers private offices ideal for small businesses, permanent office spaces in a shared environment and a coworking area for hot desking. It has been designed by Emmy-nominated, Hollywood Production Designer Carlos Barbosa to provide awe-inspiring features with a distinct aesthetic that will inspire, boost productivity and provide Marbella based entrepreneurs with space, facilities, corporate wellness and professional development opportunities for a manageable monthly fee. Visit to find out more and sign up to their newsletter to receive invitations to their networking and business events.

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