It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with others. Those that use social media are particularly at risk, as we are presented with what the person decides to reveal to us, thus creating a false image. This image can be a threat if we allow it to be, especially if we’ve been going through a hard time. Today’s society, and especially the media and advertising, can project women that appear happy because they have a slim body, perfect teeth, a flawless skin and wearing designer clothes.

Pause for a minute and let reason speak to us. In our heart of hearts we know this to be untrue.

Men are not exempt from brainwashing. On the surface it seems that unless they drive a certain car, have a six pack, a large salary, thick hair and dress a certain way, they cannot be truly happy. Pause for a minute – how can this be true?

Let’s stop comparing ourselves with what the media is presenting and realise that we are all unique, with different strengths and weaknesses. We can be happy without conforming to what today’s society is shouting at us.

Self acceptance, warts and all, is a precious commodity. Perfectionism is destructive, as I have found out in my own life. Learning that who we are and what we do is good enough will bring the freedom that we all deserve.

In this picture that I painted of flappers from the roaring twenties, I had in mind two lovely girls, both different but stunning in their own way. Where they comfortable in their skin or did they fall into the deadly trap of comparing themselves with one another?

Sue Cross is an author who finds human nature fascinating. You can read about the complicated relationships that intertwine her novels, Tea at Sam’s and Making Scents. Both are available on Amazon as paperbacks and ebooks. Check out her website