What AM I Choosing to Experience?

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IAM left wondering why I feel so targeted and unwelcome in a particular Environment, so as usual I retreat and take some quiet me-time to feel into this feeling. The feeling goes very deep but I can’t seem to grasp anything and instead of becoming one with the feeling I choose to go against all my knowingness and go outside of myself to try and find an answer. I know this won’t help, in fact I know it makes my feeling worse and attracts more similar situations to me.

I see enemies all around me and an array of doubts and negative emotions pouring out of me… Unworthiness Jealousy, Ugliness, Shame, Guilt, Anger… you name it, IAM feeling it.

I become very anxious and search around for information about why I allow other people to trigger me and how I can get rid of these unwelcome emotions and doubts. I find nothing to comfort me and only manage to feel worse… and then I decide to give up and wallow in my miserable feeling of failure that is topped off with a thick layer of guilt, because I know better… for goodness sake I’ve just published a book about being free of all this unconscious living.

In our Human dual reality we are always acting out our own story based on our perception and desire in life and in order to help each other achieve and experience this, we attract each other to come and play with us… in the hope to find love and happiness.

I find it hard to believe IAM still playing the game… especially unconsciously… So what was going on? Was there still a part of me that felt unloved or was I just feeling another person’s feeling of being unloved?

So where do I draw the line between my story and the other persons, where do I separate the two?

And within this question, lay my answer. I know very well there is indeed no separation and as Divine beings of pure love we play the different roles in order to honour and love another unconditionally. Being in the presence of others, no matter what the situation, I can choose in each moment to either be affected or not affected because I have that much power. I can choose in each moment to either reflect the love that IAM or the failure IAM.

As a Master Creator, I have obviously been ‘testing myself’ that I clearly understand my new role and how I have a conscious choice in how I want to live my life; no matter how others want to play and tease me and I can allow my light to shine on any darkness that is ready to be released from within myself and my fellow sisters and brothers.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… and remember, you always have a choice too.

Barbara Franken
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness



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Barbara Franken, DivineHuman Master Creator

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  1. Samantha Bayley

    Thank you for another timely reminder Barbara of how to try and be our best selves despite what may be going on around us often beyond our control. Big hearts always shine xxxx

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