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The role of the immune system is to protect us from foreign invaders, such as bacteria, but today chemicals and manmade substances that are in our food, beauty products, hygiene and cleaning products are fighting and winning the battle. This is because the chemicals suppress our bodies in producing new cells. It is vital that women understand this because, we trust the companies we buy from, but do they really care about us? How is it affecting our family and very young children? You will make your own decision, but its clear that their main concern is selling and earning money and our welfare is really not on their list of priorities.


Chemicals and your family

Endocrine receptors and weight gain

Why we should read the labels and seriously consider purchasing wellness products

 Its a question of re-educating ourselves, we have to learn to be aware of what we use in our home and what we eat and its contents. Its such a pity that this has to be so, but if we take care we can avoid a lot of illnesses that are clearly bought on by petro-chemicals, and especially hormone balance, this is one of the main culprits and also involves a lot of other symptoms.

 What to do next?

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