Women Wellness – Immune System

The Immune system is very complexed and variable. This is something we need to learn about for optium health. A few things we should consider are that the food we eat is grown in soil that is depleted of the nutrients we need, so we should replace them as well as eating a healthy diet of a variety of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, pulses and some protein. Cutting down our alcohol consumption is paramount if we are balancing our hormones and building our immune system, herbal teas, iced tea with fruit and supplement drinks are uplifting and contribute to a good construction of our immune system, but avoid asapartame at all times, if you need a sweet drink add a tiny amount of honey. Read more on the Wellness Guide Blog – Marching in to May.


That your immune system is your first line of defense against disease is nothing new. Interestingly, recent research suggests your immune system may also play a role in your social interactions. In fact, researchers now believe your immune system may actually be a controlling factor in your behaviour. Clearly our immune system affects our overall health, especially our hormones, so this is one of the reason we should learn about it and try to rectify any issues we have that may be affecting it. A regular intake of vitamins and minerals are essential to support and compliment our meals. 

Why use wellness supplements? what do you think about this? our grandparents didnt need them, but then time were so different. We should be up to speed and consider exactly what could be affecting our immune system. Stress is the number 1 culprit and is so dangerous for women, this cannot be changed over night, but slowly and surely we should examine our lifestyle and our associations and what we watch on the tv and books we read, positivity is the key to building the immune system and keeping it strong.

Stay happy & healthy ladies

Aly Farmer

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