Xenoestrogens, what are they all about?

Xenoestrogens are known to interfere with normal human hormone production and utilization.

They have been linked to miscarriages, early puberty, endometriosis, cancers, and obesity.

In addition, xenoestrogens can become stored in fat cells because our body has difficulty breaking them down.

They can be found in many foods, cleaning products, drinks (aspartame), and personal hygiene items. 


Here are a few tips to avoid them:

  • Use Glycerine products, hand wash, and shower gels
  • Buy bars of soap instead of gels
  • Try to avoid all products containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) This is a chemical used to clean workshops and garage floors and remove grease. And yes, they do put it in those wonderful shampoos and shower gels with flower perfumes, etc. etc.
  • Wash your underwear, pants, and bra in baby or wool (Norit or equivalent) washing liquid or powder.
  • Avoid fabric softeners on your underwear. Jumpers and dresses and trousers are fine. 
  • When using conditioners for your hair, lean forward, spread it in the ends of your hair, and wash it out. 
  • Use olive oil or butter, or any other kind of oil that you are happy with, avoid margarine at all costs.
  • Avoid preserved cold meats, especially the ones in packets full of E numbers. Jamon Serrano and all air-dried meats are fine.
  • Avoid fresh tuna, they eat the things on the bottom of the sea.

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Taking the heat out of summer – let´s take care of ourselves ladies…


Summer is a great time of the year, to travel, meet old and new friends, visit relatives, go to the beach or a local swimming pool.

Great weather to relax with your family and take some time off. However, it is also very important to take the sun seriously and watch out for bugs!

This edition has an interesting article from our resident Health Expert, Dr. Jose Mercola, “the sun is good for you”

Take care of your progesterone cream

If you are using natural balancing cream be sure to follow the tips in this blog, keep it in a cool place, and apply it at the right time of day and in the right places, away from the sun of course at all times.

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