Protein, protein, everywhere…..

What’s the deal with Protein anyway????

Is a question I get asked. And I look at the person and think, where do I start?

It’s the basis of our cells, every cell. From skin, to heart to immune system. It builds everything that we are. We are basically protein and water (yes, and a host of other stuff too, but these are the big ones), and sadly we are not advised how much of what types to eat.

There are many protein sources, fish, eggs, meat, dairy, nuts, beans, peas, pulses, lentils…..even vegetables has a trace BUT and this is the big thing, BUT every food source has its own unique range of protein components!

They’re called Amino Acids. Protein breaks down into amino acids, and not all protein sources offer a COMPLETE range of the amino acids our body needs

Complicated, arent we \ud83d\ude0a 

Some our body produces, but there are 9 we have to get from food. Essential they’re called. 

Only egg white, milk protein and soy protein offers the full range and is classed as a 1 – a complete amino acid profile or protein

The rest are incomplete, hence we should mix and rotate proteins 

If you are a vegetarian, or a vegan, this becomes increasingly hard to do without significant research, often the carbohydrate factor within the foods eaten means that more fat is layered and stored.

How much do I need?

Well, again depends on you. The average female doing average stuff is around 70-90g a day. Males 80-100g More if you exercise hard or have physical work.

Also it needs to be spread throughout the day, not in 1 or 2 meals. Complex isn’t it!

To make it easier I recommend eating 5 times a day, not huge main meals, and aim for 20-25g per main meal and 10-15 per snack in between.

Youll feel better, more alive and your energy will be regular and constant.

Consider using a protein powder BUT just check the label. Often there are hidden sugars as fillers that aren’t stated on the label. See how many grams of powder makes up the protein content. Ie if its 35g powder giving you 20g protein whats the other 16g??? I prefer to use a pure protein soy source for my extra protein intake, it’s the Herbalife one and is 83.333% pure, the rest being a natural ingredient to stop clumping. Its 26 calories for 5g protein.

If you would like to know how much protein you should be having, send in your wellness evaluation which is on my website and Ill work it out for you 🙂