Meeting her future husband at the wedding in the UK and throwing a dare into the conversation about moving to Spain brought Carrie Frais back to Spain. When here, Carrie discovered that there were limited resources for parents and created


Ali Meehan talks to Carrie about #LivingtheDream and what the challenges of life overseas might throw at you.


MumAbroad is now one of Europe’s leading English language websites for international families making the move to Spain as well as France, Germany and Italy.


Carrie’s collaborative book #livingthedream can be ordered through your favourite booksellers.

During the conversation, Carrie refers to Steven Barlett – Diary of a CEO

as well as “Every Family Has a Story” written by bestselling psychotherapist Julia Samuel

Thank you Carrie Frais where can we find out more?

My website:, or

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Image by InezdelpradoPhotography
Carrie & Jane of MumAbroad - Inez del Prado Photography