Try Something New for 30 Days – Segment Intending

How are you doing? I have just been listening to Abraham Hicks about ‘segment intending’ 
You can use this process of resetting and re-focusing any time you shift from one activity to another during your day.
Split your day into the different segments, activities you do during the day, and decide how you want those to work FOR you rather than TO you.
“To start, let’s imagine it’s the morning. Ideally, you’ve already developed a morning routine and hopefully you have included a few of your main intentions for the day.
As you begin to start your day, you have a number of different tasks or activities you could choose from. When you do not segment intend, these options might seem overwhelming, but instead you can choose to focus on only one task at a time. Simply deciding on the action you want to take is an important part of segment intending.
Then, once you decide, you can increase the power of your actions by closing your eyes for a few seconds and imagining yourself working through whatever task lies ahead of you. This will help you to pre-pave the action itself, so it will feel more effortless and will have more impact.
Now, imagine that this action has to do with your work, and after an hour or two, a project deadline is looming, and something isn’t going as plan. Maybe you got distracted or pulled off task in order to deal with some other emergency that cropped up.
Once you notice that this has happened – once you notice your energy has lowered – you can re-set and reshape your energy.
So, you can use segment intending to reorient yourself and get back on track. Maybe you are re-setting to get back to your original task, or maybe you’re shifting from working on a task by yourself to going into a meeting. Either way, you can take a moment to re-align your energy.
As you go through your day, you can train yourself to segment intend every time you shift tasks or actions.”