Could a Vow to Be Perfect be sabotaging your business?



Raise your hands if the term “massive action” just puts you off?

I mean, am I the only one that becomes more paralyzed when I hear it? What does it even mean? How much action is “massive” and, more important, am I doing enough to be considered “massive”? (highly unlikely because to me the term “massive” suggests..well massive

Hey don´t misread me. I´m not a lazy person, and I certainly agree that oodles of action or doing is necessary to reach anything that we´re striving for. In fact, I´m one of those achiever, do-er types that almost uses doing to a fault, as a justification of my right to exist!

But with the dreaded massive action I´m taking a stand and I´m gonna call boolsheet (excuse my sophisticated terminology) .  

Action alone is over-emphasized and I´m gonna tell you why: 

There´s a vital secret that is being ignored- a deeper secret sauce of success that is only realized by the few.

And that is the one thing more important than just massive action alone: crystal clarity. The kind of clarity that leads to not just any old action, but aligned and inspired action!

From a place of clarity, the action you take feels flowing and everything is going your way. You´re doing only the necessary and it feels good and on track. On the other hand, misaligned and “push” action leaves you feeling like you´re on a giant hamster wheel- running and running but not really getting anywhere. Not good.

One of my teachers, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len explains the benefits of being clear before you do anything:

“Clarity is a most valuable asset. You show up…try to convince people to buy your product…do marketing. It´s a waste of time if you´re not CLEAR. If you´re clear then the right people show up, they buy your products, and you don´t even know why…”

In short, if what you think, believe and feel is out of alignment with your goals, then what you DO doesn´t matter.

Maybe it sounds a bit woo woo, but think of the last time you felt clear, and on, and in flow…what actions did you take, how did things turn out?

It gets me a bit peeved when I see people like you running on that hamster wheel, without this valuable clarity and through no fault of your own.  It´s wonky programming, silent sabotage going on behind the scenes mostly without your knowledge! You push and strive but you never arrive and you don´t even know why.

I mean, you´ve got the goods: your smart, knowledgeable, awesome at what you do and you put in the hustle…So WHAT GIVES?

If you´re running on that hamster wheel not getting where you wanna go, I´ve got a suspicion you could have a touch of perfectionism, or what I call a Vow to Be Perfect. This can ruin all your best intentions and even sabotage your actions, especially if you don´t know it´s there.

Think you might have a Vow to Be Perfect kyboshing your results? Do the smart thing, what 98% of people won´t do: get the clarity that matters most 

before you do another thing or lift another finger!

Take a look at my free Breakthrough Clarity Assessment – How to Know if You Have a Vow to Be Perfect and get the gift of clarity so you can shift this thing and start taking action that counts!