How can Magnesium in our diet be effective?

Magnesium is a necessary element for more than 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies. It helps with the functioning of muscles and nerves, strengthens the immune system, maintains heart health, and improves bone health.

Magnesium is an important mineral, it produces energy and protein. Not only that, but it prevents heart disease, keeps blood pressure at bay, and controls diabetes.

Why is magnesium necessary in this phase of the life you are living?

Because the related symptoms favor the loss of magnesium, such as lack of sleep, taking medications, etc.If you combine magnesium in your diet with natural progesterone, you can overcome symptoms and lead a practically normal life, without adding the chemicals that that are in medications.


How can we include it in our meals?

With regard to natural foods, the following are a rich source of magnesium: Flax Seeds Just 100 grams of flaxseeds give us the 100% recommended daily magnesium. Perfect! Sunflower seeds In addition to being an excellent source of iron, they have a high magnesium content.


Where can we find it?

In fact, only 100 grams, gives us 82.8% of the RDA (recommended daily amount)Spinach. Better raw than cooked, although if you decide to cook them, leave them al dente. One cup of these contributes 40% of the CDR. Chard. Only three or four leaves, depending on the size, offers 38% of the CDR. Wheat bran…..if you can introduce it in your meals, yogurts or salads. 100 grams of this ingredient is equivalent to 59% of the RDA. Dark chocolate, just one ounce gives us 24% of the amount of magnesium daily. Pumpkin Pips For 25 grams, 23% of the CDR. Almonds In addition to being healthy they are high protein content, it offers 20% for 80 grams. Avocados – 1 avocado provides 58 mg of magnesium, which is 15% of the RDA.

Many other foods contain this mineral so important to the body, although to a lesser extent. Now, if you want to include magnesium in your diet to fight against menopause or other hormonal imbalances, you can also do it through nutritional supplements, and even topically with Epsom salts.


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  1. Barbara Franken

    A great post Aly... I take a supplement of magnesium powder in my kifir breakfast each morning and drink a veg juice each day so I feel IAM looking after my body optimally! It's so important during our life changes, pueberty, menopause and ascension to help our body/mind go through the natural changes. Especially now menopause symptoms are being exaggerated, playing out for longer as our bodies are naturally changing again... undergoing a massive upgrade that rewires our entire system. We have to care, especially for our nervous system! Which means no stress either! Otherwise our symptoms only get louder. Soaking in an epsom salt bath is a must for me each week too, just relaxing and detoxing from a busy life.

    When I went through my menopause quite early, not many people were talking about it never mind giving tips. So I know many women and men... are very grateful for your attention here and have a product that can definitely help get us through the worst of it. One of my main reasons my symptoms stayed around though was the fact that I remained angry within... the rebel just wouldn't quieten. Eventually I pinpointed it to my childhood/teenager years when I felt so misunderstood and alone! My needs were just not met! I remember suffering so much pain with PMT which I took with me into my early adult years and early menopause.

    Only when I began to understand how I could meet my own needs, forgive all my parents and teachers... did my symptoms become less and durable! I breathed through the rest of my menopause... that actually ran into my ascension... which IAM still experiencing in a most graceful way. When you know about these most natural Human changes of the Body/Mind, we can act accordingly. Over the years I have become quite an expert in our Human Journey, Awakening and Ascension!

    I updated a blog post last year and write more details about this Human Journey of Ascension we are all one!

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