How You Can Help Girls in UK Skipping School

As I am currently in UK visiting family, I was shocked to learn that a lot of girls in UK miss school every month because they cant afford tampons and are too embarrassed to get help. As if growing up isn’t difficult enough it must be so scary for these girls. Also homeless women don’t get the sanitary products they need. I did a YouTube video to help raise awareness and since I know a lot of women on this site travel between UK and Spain, I thought you may want to help. When thinking of donations we automatically think of donating food but sanitary products are also needed. The best place to donate is the local foodbank. You can find the nearest to your area in UK by going to this website
You can find out more about the cause here
I find it so sad that these girls miss out on so much because they are too embarrassed to get help. If by posting this I can help just one of them then it was worth it!

2 thoughts on “How You Can Help Girls in UK Skipping School”

  1. Dear Emma
    Thank you so much for talking about this and bringing it to our attention. It is, indeed, a very sad situation. I´m going to copy and paste your post above to my FB page @inspiredkidz as see if we can help to raise more awareness. Thank you again, Andrea, the kids Coach here in Marbella x

  2. Jill Langhus-Griffin

    Hi Emma. This is sad. Thanks for sharing. You may want to consider joining World Pulse ( and adding your story and cause on there as well. I volunteer on there daily and it's a great, global forum helping/encouraging women worldwide. I'm used to seeing this sort of story in some of the African countries, and elsewhere, but not in the UK. We need to spread awareness.

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