What to do after the antibiotics have kicked in

There have been some really nasty viruses going around over the last month or so. I am rarely sick, but it struck me down good and proper! I ended up with a chest infection, which meant I reluctantly had to take antibiotics. Once the course is finish, most people think that is it and they can crack on as normal. Many people don’t realise the damage antibiotics can do, leaving us susceptible to colds and more infections.


Antibiotics kill off the infection, which is great. But they are indiscriminate. They also kill off the good stuff we need to keep our immune systems healthy. 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Good bacteria in the digestive tract helps to keep our immune system balanced, among other things. But when they are killed off by the antibiotics, it leaves us vulnerable.


 So what do we do?


After every round of antibiotics, everyone should be taking a probiotic. A probiotic helps to replace the good bacteria that has been decimated by the antibiotics, rebalances your immune system and helps to protect your immune system. It is really important that the probiotics you are using are the right strains and the right volume. Many probiotics that people buy from the supermarket are poor quality and low levels of bacteria, so they just won’t do the job properly.


Some people say to me – “Oh I just take those yoghurt drinks”. The levels of bacteria in those yoghurts are minimal and any that are in there are probably killed off by the sugar. You have taken care of yourself by taking antibiotics to get rid of the infection – look after your health in the longer term by considering a course of probiotics too. 


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My name is Helen Barklam and I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist.