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Bocyworks Clinic

Introducing Bodyworks Clinic

Bodyworks Clinic is a multi-disciplinary health and medical wellness clinic based in San Pedro de Alcantara with over 15 years experience. Foot Fascination Founded by Clinical Director and Consultant Physiotherapist Estelle Mitchell in 2004, Bodyworks has always specialised in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and treatment of joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. And let’s not forget Estelle’s …

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After Birth Recovery Treatment

Giving birth may be a wonderful experience but it is without a doubt, one of the hardest things you will ever ask your body to do. And it comes after 9 months of your body doing extraordinary things and undergoing extraordinary changes. The hormones released during pregnancy, birth and the period directly after giving birth …

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Migraine Nutrition Guide

Diet and migraine are inextricably linked aren’t they? Most migraine patients have at least one food that it feels like they only have to look at to trigger a migraine. Often, in reality, the relationship can be more complicated than that – an overstressed system takes the smallest trigger to over react and, by reducing …

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Migraine Maths

In 2015 additional training and equipment meant that I was able to introduce our new Headache and Migraine Clinic service which has expanded ever since. New team members and upgraded technology mean that we can do better at what is required to treat this challenging and complicated condition. Which, in my experience, is treating the whole person. …

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Post Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

When you choose to have a cosmetic procedure it is easy to forget that before you reach the beautiful “after” picture you have to undergo surgery. And all surgery, regardless of its aim, causes trauma and swelling and discomfort. Which doesn’t really fit into that beautiful “after” picture does it? Less swelling, less pain, faster …

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