Friendship, Laughter, Love and Life

As a young girl I was told I had healing hands, before I even knew what that meant. It seems it was my destiny to help others heal and as a mother with two young boys, I studied for a degree in Sports Therapy. Thriving on the results I would get from seeing my patients walk into my clinic in pain, and walk out again with far less pain or none at all, I grew as a therapist, gathering so much experience and knowledge along the way.
When my husband became ill with cancer it devastated my boys and me. The only way I could cope was by putting all my energy into helping him recover as naturally as possible. I studied to become a nutritional therapist and wrote the book “Love and Wheatgrass – from helplessness to empowerment”, which is both our story and is also a compendium of natural supportive approaches for cancer. I’m very happy to say that my husband is not only a survivor, but is also far healthier than he ever was before his diagnosis.
I soon realised that healing wasn’t just about correcting injuries and dysfunctions of the body, of understanding what nutrients the body needed to thrive, but it was also about the way we feel, think, move and live too.
This is when I was drawn to studying not only the practice of yoga but the deeper cultural and holistic side of the discipline too. Adding this to my skill set meant I could help people to heal from the inside too.
Luckily for me my best friend also has the ability to help others in a different way, filling the space in what I could offer, meaning that together we can offer even more.
Our friendship is based on living life to the full, even though life has dealt each of us its fair share of blows, we laugh our way through them and draw on the experiences they have leant us, to help others.
Elements 5 was grown from the very seeds of our experiences and watered by laughter and love.
Elements 5 is an online shop and clinic and we also offer bespoke events and retreats.
Our journeys drew us both towards yoga and its ability to heal and nourish mind, body and spirit.
At Elements 5 we offer yoga to everyone through personal programmes and live web sessions, but its not just yoga!
You can also book consultations with nutritional therapists or have online coaching, or book one of our workshops or retreats. And as if that’s not enough we also have an online shop where you can buy inspirational gifts or a piece of symbolic jewellery that represents a part of you.

We really hope that you will stop by and see us at

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  1. Lovely to read your story Lorraine, isn't it so rewarding to be there to help inspire others to live there best life... It is so important to have many inspiring people around to be the example to so many people in these times of change. love Barbara x

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