Costa Women Interviews

Celebrant Sally Spain

Costa Women Meet … Sally Chapman

Sally is one of our Almeria members who knows how to create unforgettable moments for life celebrations. She believes that even when things seem overwhelming, ‘this too shall pass’! Read her story.

Penelope Russak

Costa Women Meet … Penelope Russak

Moving from survival mode to sunshine mode, Costa Women meet Penelope Russak.  Penelope believes we should make our own kind of music (even if nobody else sings along). Read her story.

Karen Reay

Costa Women Meet … Karen Reay

Whilst the children have flown, Karen Reay occupies her time with her passion for pilates and wellbeing as well as running a Ukulele group in Malaga city.  Read her story.

Carrie Frais

Costa Women Meet … Carrie Frais

Meeting her future husband at the wedding in the UK and throwing a dare into the conversation about moving to Spain brought Carrie Frais back to Spain. When here, Carrie discovered that there were limited resources for parents and created

Wendy Leo-Smith

Costa Women Meet … Wendy Leo-Smith

“You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need” is the song with a significance for Wendy Leo-Smith. However that need included her sailing around the world for five years and she wants us to ‘come sail with me’. Read her story.