menopause symptoms

Dr. John Lee

  Doctor John Lee – who was he?   I write about him quite often in my articles, blogs, and social media posts. But have you ever wondered why? I support women who change the world and empower us, collaborate with them, and work with them, but not often do I include men in this …

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Menopause – the facts

The hormonal transition of menopause is a significant and inevitable chapter in every women’s life. As women, we battle with our hormones, from our teenage years through to midlife, at which point it comes in the form of waves. There was a time when menopause was a forbidden word. Known as ‘the change’ and typified …

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Relationships in Menopause

This issue I am talking about an important issue for women on their menopause journey: Relationships and Communication in Menopause. Communication in a relationship is vital, this leads to a healthy marriage and a clear understanding between a man and a woman. Women are built and have different emotions and reactions to situations. There has …

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