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Emma brings over 25 years of experience in Administrative, Customer Support, Sales and Management roles. Her skillset and knowledge helps small business owners take the leap to the next stage of their growth.

We need to change the narrative about being a middle-aged woman

So, hands up who was thrilled to be turning 40? We might look at our older sisters, mothers, or friends and see how they complain about “it all being downhill from now”.   Like an inexplicable acceptance of middle age and all the aches, forgetfulness, loss of vitality and maybe loss of libido. The perimenopause …

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Peri-menopause & Endometriosis

WEDNESDAY WELLNESS BLOG Peri-menopause wasn´t something we taught about years ago, but now with changing times medical staff and health professionals are realising that this is in fact, a real situation, and that women are certainly suffering from this period of life. At what age can women expect this? Not every woman experiences peri-menopause, the …

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After the hospital

After the hospitalSomething that comes up again and again is what happens after you leave the hospital! Spain is quite different to the UK in the details. Hospitals don’t have crutchesYou buy them from the pharmacy (approx. 15€). Make sure that someone fits them properly and teaches you how to walk (so you don’t get …

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